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Extension (Game World Book 1)

The main character has never played computer games. By happenstance he finds himself in the Game World. Rules are quite simple – complete quests and get higher level. Firstly, it looks like it’s easy. But how can he fight with stronger opponents, which came to this game earlier, and stay alive? He must do it, because he has only one life left.

Break: EvoBorne: Book One - A LitRPG Saga (EvoBorne - A LitRPG Saga 1)

The Gods are dying.

Magic is fading from the world and the nine Lords of Night know that only one can exist less they all die. To give each a chance they form a pact and reluctantly agree that a game will give them the best hope. A game that will be played by humans.

Josh Fell is your average extreme gamer. He spends hours immersing himself in every MMORPG he can get his hands on to avoid the life he hates. When Josh receives a mysterious vanilla envelope offering him one of 297 coveted spots to beta test the all-new Fully Immersive Virtual Reality MMORPG EvoBorne, he jumps at the chance.

Joined by his childhood best friend and secret crush, Olivia, he eagerly logs into EvoBorne for the first and last time.

The Gods have used the last of their magic to create this world and their fate is tied to the choices of their nine chosen champions, but the rules state there can be no interference. The humans must not know of the stakes that rest on the outcome.

What starts at as a simple beta test turns into a fight for his future and the only chance to return home he will ever get. Unknowingly chosen by the Lord of Night Tezcatlipoca, Josh must go on a DEATH level quest to find the relics needed to win and gain him and Liv their way home.

Filled with goblins, orcs, reavers, and countless other enemies that want to see him dead; Josh will have to grow much stronger if he wants any chance at victory.

Join Josh and Liv as they traverse the expanse of EvoBorne in search of nine ancient relics that will grant them any single desire.

Monsters. Dungeons. Loot. Everything an avid RPG gamer craves!

Can they overcome the threats that face them? Can they find the relics in time before the other eight champions beat them to it?

Find out in the first installment of the EvoBorne Saga.

Welcome to EvoBorne!

Death Awoken: A GameLit Series (Death God System - Book #1)

On a small planet, an unknown presence was stirring.

With no physical body, all of its previous memories messed up and without a clear name, our MC starts his journey. Fused on its soul a strange System that will help him be stronger on this strange unknown new world.

To claim back all that has been stripped away, he must first generate a body. For this, the system reveals that it needs to collect sufficient XP points by absorbing forces, death auras, regaining fundamental skills like talking and weapon wielding to go on dangerous missions. One kill equals one death point.

Name: Unknown XP: 0 Death points: 0

The more quests he goes on, and the strong beasts and humans slew – the more the Death Core whispers in his ear and torments his soul.

The child, still without a name, falls into the company of Demon Ye (Ye Qing). He was a raging executioner, who tragically lost control when the family he loved were killed. Ye Qing names him Ye Bai, much the Death God’s annoyance, but no matter the trial or task at hand, the child’s thoughts don’t stray far from the next kill. Once down Hell’s Path, it drives his soul to the brink of insanity, and he’s not sure he can restrain himself from earning another XP point.

“I know one thing, Death brings me peace.”

This tale is a GameLit adventure that will have you rolling over the pages to see what consequences lie ahead! It is not for the fainthearted, it requires a steady hand, a strategic mind – and a strong stomach.

Cursemancer: BlackFlame Online Book 1 (LitRpg Adventure)

What would you do if you woke from a magical coma and found out you’d lost forty years of your memories?

Noah woke from a magical coma, losing 40 years of his memories. Even his body is not up to coping with this, so his only choice is to live in a VR-MMORPG game that would heal his brain and mind and help him recover his memories.

He accepts reality and decides to enter the game, but instead of a lush, beautiful human town, Noah is thrown into a cursed demon town.

Now every demon wants to kill him. There is no going back or hope of re-spawn in a human town. His starting location is fixed, and he has to somehow make his way through the nasty demon towns that sprawl between the cursed demon town and the nearest human city.

Join Noah in his epic adventure in BlackFlame Online.

Phoenix World: Beta Test Zone 5

Will Smith was living a great life! A wonderful wife, two awesome kids, a job he liked and a stable pay check. That all ended one summer evening when driving back to his house after a weekend of camping. A semi-truck veered into his lane and hit his SUV killing his entire family in a single stroke.

He survived if you can call it surviving. He only had the use of his right arm and he could move his neck and head. He would be bed ridden the rest of his life. He ended up meeting some great people that got him into a MMORPG that was about to be 100% virtual, full immersion and for a guy who could no longer walk or doing anything except lie in a bed this was the escape he needed!

He meets a God, gets mind blowing loot, forms a guild, makes friends..... And then dies in real life.

This is his story, please join Will and his friends for this adventure!!

The FPS Deity: A Fantasy LitRPG Series- Book 1

By the age of 80, General Gama Feihren has long since retired and is now on the last days of his life, spending most of it time on a virtual first-person shooter game he truly loves and enjoys: Gaia's Paradox.

Reminiscing about the days of his former military glory as his real is nearing death's door— Follow the adventure of Feihren as he ventures into this new world he suddenly transmigrated in, New World: Nuwiell

A Demon Lord's Virtual [Magic Life]: Tutorial Zone

This is the story of 20 year old Lucas Rollin. Orphaned at the young age of 10, his life is filled with struggles as a Superhuman, a genetically enhanced human. Living a life of poverty in the 23rd century, he could only barely sustain himself with his genetic differences compared to a normal human and survived by gaining money in virtual reality to pay for his food and survival.

Now his final break came with a less then popular game [Magic Life] which features a special auto character creation process. During this process, he ends up with the Race Demon Lord and the class of the same name. Follow him as he plays in the virtual world that changed his life as the Demon Lord Akor as he trains in the tutorial zone facing countless choices in his [Magic Life].

The Apprentice of Arabella

When his home and livelihood are ripped away, artist James Wulf must struggle against an oppressive government to survive the journey from Fox Valley to Old Atlanta, where he hopes to start a new life. All things are possible in Arabella online.

A Mage Prepared: (The Chronicles of Herst 1: A LitRPG Novel)

Yanked across the universe to the land of Herst, Vol Adare must learn his place in it. Or carve out one for himself. It is a world of swords and sorcery, slavery and violence. Here actions have consequences and often, might is right. Vol must build his strength to survive against those that wish for his fall. If he fails all he works for could be taken, along with those he comes to care for.

Glitch Book One (The Glitch Series)

Max, a rather plain guy, finds himself inside a post-apocalyptic survival roleplaying video game. He has no idea how he has ended up in the virtual reality or how to quit it. He has no choice but to play the game.

Shortly afterward, he learns that the game is quite harsh and cruel. Max finds out that in order to survive he has to scavenge, gather various resources, craft warm clothes and armor, upgrade weapons and vehicles, and so on.

Moreover, the entire game world is a full-on PvP zone. So Max has to not only fight brutal mutants but also protect himself against gamers who have teamed up in order to ratchet up their chances of survival as well as against high-leveled players who take great pleasure in murdering newbies.

And all the while Max has been trying to find out what has befallen him, how he has gotten in the videogame, and whether or not there is any chance of exiting the game. Bit by bit he gleans more and more information about the game. He finds out that the game is full of bugs. Later on he also learns that he himself is some kind of a glitch. Unlike all the other players, he feels pain in the game and can interact with some game objects while all the other players cannot…

The Slayer: A litRPG Saga (Aether Gate Online Book 1)

“Raise your blade. Take up the mantle of Slayer.”

Adam’s life was anything but easy. With people at both school and home eager to make his life a living hell, the only place that he felt like himself was in the virtual world. At least there he had some control.

When the newest VRMMORPG title gets announced, Adam and his best friend Max are more than ready to dive in. Launch day arrives quickly, and Adam is plunged into a world that’s more immersive than anything he’s experienced before. Although the game offers a bevy of character choices, Adam quickly chooses the title of Slayer, a class that specializes in taking down stronger, more difficult opponents. Adam begins his adventure, but its not long before he realizes that there’s much more at stake when taking a life in this new game. The pain is very real and death… is permanent.

Now, trapped in a virtual world, Adam must take the mantle of Zander Darkblade and brave the dangers of the Aether Gate. It is a world of mighty creatures and fallen gods. A world where powerful familiars bond with their masters, granting them extraordinary powers that they wield with uncanny force…. and as Adam and the others will soon discover, it is a world of secrets that have laid hidden for far too long...

Welcome to Aether Gate Online

Dungeon Boss Player: The Beginning

In the near future, gaming changed quickly and now a real Virtual Reality was created and games soon appeared and one of the newest was Dungeon King World, a game where the player is a Dungeon Boss and has the full control all over the dungeon domain of how to make it grow and how it will interact with the outside world.

Inside a dungeon, the boss is the King, or Queen, and the monsters inside will follow their command without questioning it.

New Generation (Maelstrom Book 1)

A single look changed everything.

It might have been the sight of blood on Kaden's hands.

It might have been when he laid eyes on the woman haunting his dreams.

Forced against their will into a new world, Kaden and Laney will have to serve a wicked god and fight for survival. Every. Single. Day.

An old foe to god Bardos appears and offers them salvation. Will his offer save or kill them?

This is Maelstrom. Prepare to be changed.

New Life Online: A LitRPG Novel

If you lose in the game, other people will die in real life.

Would you play it safe?

Finn’s life sucks. He spends his days in the world’s most advanced VR game, chopping wood in a wealthy player’s basecamp for a few copper coins a week. Levelling up is the last thing on his mind.

When Selene, the girl he’s grown to love like a sister, mysteriously disappears both in real life and in the game, Finn is finally shaken into action. He is determined to find her. If only his character weren’t so damn useless…

The Developers’ Challenge couldn’t have come at a better time. It offers a new life in a new world. But there is a catch. The standard rules of the game don’t apply and only three things are certain:

Everyone starts at Level 1

The monsters are unlike anything any player has ever seen

Death comes at a higher cost.

Total Quest: Total VR: 1

Total Quest, a “full immersive virtual reality game” is releasing to the public. As the beta players prepare for new release, Ken suits up for the first time unlocking his personal AGI, Vera. The technology offers more than a “good time” online. The public release of the game brings a new opportunity, get paid to play. When you’re the best, companies want you to play for them. Corporate obedience strains friendship and loyalties, as the virtual game becomes a real life nightmare when players’ minds become the prize