A Demon Lord's Virtual [Magic Life]: Tutorial Zone


This is the story of 20 year old Lucas Rollin. Orphaned at the young age of 10, his life is filled with struggles as a Superhuman, a genetically enhanced human. Living a life of poverty in the 23rd century, he could only barely sustain himself with his genetic differences compared to a normal human and survived by gaining money in virtual reality to pay for his food and survival.

Now his final break came with a less then popular game [Magic Life] which features a special auto character creation process. During this process, he ends up with the Race Demon Lord and the class of the same name. Follow him as he plays in the virtual world that changed his life as the Demon Lord Akor as he trains in the tutorial zone facing countless choices in his [Magic Life].

My Opinion: 208 pages, $4.40, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Warning: There are several issues including technical writing stuff that may make this story unenjoyable for some readers. This includes an abundance of tables (like one every other page), tense mixing, redundant sentences, and misspelled words. These are not rare issue, but occur on almost every page of the story.

Ie: “The current year was 2275.” “...they traveled to by space travel.” If either of those sentences bothers you, please don’t read this as it will likely drive you nuts. However, I’ll say that many of these issues become smaller after the 50% of the story.

This is a RTS LitRPG story with base building, town development, resource management, tech trees, and minor amounts of group combat. If you love games like Warcraft or Age of Empires, then you might enjoy this story. There’s lots of passages about the thought process of the main character (MC) and how he decides to develop his town. Which is interesting game theory. But there’s also a good portion of the novel that is the MC giving out orders for things to get done. Stuff like building farms, houses, or herding goats. Combined with the unusually large number of tables and info dumps in the early parts of the story, things can get a little tedious early on.

However, there’s loads of info for anyone that loves that kind of stuff. Lots of details about resource management, building upgrades, tech trees for combat, crafting, and culture and so much more. Minions and the MC all level and have upgradeable stats, which is where the RPG aspects come in. It’s actually a tactic the MC uses in the story, managing XP and leveling as a way to stop higher level players from invading his city by keeping it in the tutorial section. Rather smart game theorizing.

On the story side, it’s mostly focused on the RTS game aspects. Though there are minor story threads about the MC trying to make a living on gaming, the game company vying for control with the A.I., and some IRL interactions between the MC and other players. There are also a few fights in the story too. It’s enough to provide breaks from the RTS stuff, which admittedly can get a little tedious if it goes on for long stretches.

Overall, if you can get past the many technical issues with the story and you already like RTS games, you might find the story entertaining. I admittedly did.

Score: 7.1 out of 10

A Demon Lord's Virtual [Magic Life]: Tutorial Zone