Dystopian Future

Still Ain't Dead (The Ex Wife Odyssey Book 1)

Rory Quinn is a New York police officer that enjoys chasing women, hard drinking, and beating the crap out of bad guys. He's used to waking up with hangovers that leave most people curled around a toilet. But that all changes after one drunken night of revelry. Instead of a bathroom floor, he wakes up to find he's been dead for 500 years. And if that ain’t enough, the earth he knew is long gone. Zombies, cataclysmically evil robots, and techno-demons seem to be the least of his problems, as they all pale compared to his crazy immortal ex-wife! This is a LitRPG story!

Rank Zero: A Sci-Fi LitRPG (Cyberlinks Book 1) (Cyberlinks Trilogy)

It’s only a game until your life depends on it.

Beaten into debt by failure, Alec takes up an offer to reset his VR game character in hopes of restoring his bank account. When those past failures catch up with him, he has to choose between protecting his new friends, or becoming trapped on a poverty-stricken world.

If you’re looking for an action packed LitRPG, but need a break from high fantasy, then you’ve found the right book. Buy Rank Zero today and enjoy the grit only cyberpunk can bring.

Bunker Core (Core Control Book 1)

Wynne might have been human once. It's hard to say.

Now he's a bunker core, a nanomachine controller responsible for an entire complex.

Of course, the place is a bit wrecked. And the world outside is ruins. And he's pretty sure that whoever put him here is going to come looking for him at some point. And then there's the raiders...

Dungeon Core, Post-apocalyptic style. Come for the mutants, stay for the dystopian adventure!

Office Wars: Lab Coats Optional

Bran wakes in Neuroma, but has no idea what happened the previous night. He continues to progress through Office Wars while secrets start unraveling everything he thought he knew. Some secrets could destroy everything, while others open new paths. What future path will Bran's secrets reveal?

Vicky returns, but is she who Bran thought she was?

Plenty of laughs, more introspection, and a conclusion to this season of Office Wars inside. Do not worry, you will see Bran and friends in future series. All Odditek Online series operate in the same multiverse, you might even get a few hints at other stories that I'm writing or have written.

The Apprentice of Arabella

When his home and livelihood are ripped away, artist James Wulf must struggle against an oppressive government to survive the journey from Fox Valley to Old Atlanta, where he hopes to start a new life. All things are possible in Arabella online.

Atlas Reign: A LitRPG Saga (The Binding Book 1)

Level-up. Cross the Binding. Save reality.

Die-hard gamer Morrow Adams strives to escape his corporate-controlled existence on Earth. Logging in as Atlas Reign, he plays The Binding as a way to break from the limitations of his real life.

Few have crossed the elusive Binding in the game, but if you do, real-life opportunity awaits—physical passage to a new world.

But the same corporation that Morrow tries to escape from on Earth also controls the virtual game world—a world perfectly designed to drain your credits and enslave you to their workforce.

Everything changes when Morrow meets a beautiful, top-level player from the other side named Raven Vex. She helps him uncover a devious conspiracy within the game that sends them on an unbelievable quest through The Binding's expansive—and dangerous—univers

New Eden Royale: An Apocalyptic LitRPG Series

Harry Wollenstein is a regular guy. He loves his ranch, his dogs, and beer. He’s just a normal dude…except that he makes his living fighting in brutal virtual wars. For him, money is short, and like everyone, he needs to make enough to get by.

When a huge battle is announced in the capital city New Eden, Harry will do anything to qualify. The only problem is that battles are controlled by Overseers, and Harry has some history with the Overseer of New Eden. Things aren’t going to be easy for him.

When fighters enter the battlefield, the real-world cities give way to fantasy lands filled whatever horrific creatures that the Overseers’ cruel minds conjure up. The combatants wield swords, runes, skills and spells in digital death battles.

The fights might be virtual, but the danger is real. For Harry, the stakes couldn’t be any higher.

Down She Falls: A Lit-RPG (The World Ingot Series Book 1)

Solace Online, a game world where the rich excel and the poor are tasked with proving themselves. On the outside it may seem like an escape from life in the Stations, giant skyscrapers that loom above the landfills suffocating Earth. Unfortunately, a system defined by class exists in both realities. Deaun, a girl from the bottom rung, must prove herself not only in Solace Online but also in the Stations. Mydon, a boy from the top tier, will do all he can to stay under the radar; especially a particular person's. The emergence of a Quest Chain will affect both sides; Solace Online and the Stations will have their hopes resting on a small group of Players. Will the Players be able to prove themselves?

Welcome to Solace Online, where realities collide and quests are king!

Dodge Tank: A LitRPG Novel (Crystal Shards Online Book 1)

"There's only one rule...don't get hit."

Ryan's life sucks.

His brother is a jerk, his mom is sick, and his legs are next to useless thanks to a neurological disorder. Plus the world ended two centuries ago from nuclear war. Now, what's left of humanity live below ground, with the only escape from reality being the massive VR world of Crystal Shards Online.

But even ingame, Ryan's life sucks. Unable to play a combat class due to his condition, he works as a miner, earning barely enough to get by and not nearly enough to afford the operation that will save his mom's life.

When Ryan discovers an item that grants the ability to dodge any attack, however, he has the chance to become one of the game world's most elite and sought after players: a Dodge Tank.

But for someone who's never played a combat class, success isn't so easily had.

To save his mom, Ryan will have to overcome his disability and level his way to the top. But the real-world consequences are more far reaching than he ever could have imagined and the fate of not just his mother, but humanity itself, may be resting in his hands...

Press Start: A litRPG Saga (SOL: Tutorial Book 1)

Unique spells. Strange companions. Unforgettable adventure.

After her brother's death, Terra was going through his things when she finds an old gaming gear. Logging into his account out of curiosity, she was tossed into the vast new world of SOL for the very first time.

Playing as her brother's male character was awkward, but SOL was the perfect way to add fun to her boring and routine life. She goes on exciting quests, defeats powerful monsters, and explores exhilarating new environments.

But as Terra discovers the secrets her brother was hiding, she must deal with the problems he caused, and survive the countless players that want her dead, because there are consequences to being known as a legendary player killer…

The Airship: A Futuristic Dungeon Core (The Laboratory Book 2)

The core has been transferred to an airship crashed deep on the Rim. There Emma and Anna will encounter feuding factions, terrifying monstrosities and new powered foes in need of becoming research experiments. With a badly damaged vessel they must steal, scavenge, and fight for what they need to upgrade to survive.

More upgrades, more insults, more SCIENCE.

On the Lost Continent (AlterGame Book #2) LitRPG Series

Jack thought his greatest challenge would be reaching the shores of the lost continent, then the perks and loot would just roll in. It so happened that a hail of unexpected gifts from Fate rained down on him, like water from a leaky bucket. But Fate is a sneaky thing. Its gifts can just as easily pummel you to death. Now Jack is a fugitive, pariah, the living dead. And that's just in reality. In the game, the Gods themselves have turned against him.

However, the Gods still don't know who they're messing with.

Starter Zone (The Revelation Chronicles Book 1)

When hydrologists inscribe the consciousness of a human mind onto a single drop of water, a Revelation sweeps the land. The wealthy race to upload their minds into self-contained virtual realities nicknamed Aquariums. In these containers people achieve every hope, dream, and desire. But governments wage war for control of the technology. Terrorist attacks cause massive destruction. The Aquariums fail. Inscribed human minds leech into the water cycle, wreaking havoc.

Street gangs rule the cities in the three years since the fall of civilization. Sixteen-year-old Cami and her younger sister Alby struggle to survive. Every drop of untreated water puts their lives in peril. Caught and imprisoned by soldiers who plan to sell them into slavery, Cami will do anything to escape and rescue her sister. Even if it means leaving the real word for a life in the realms, a new game-like reality created by the hydrologists for the chosen few.

But life in the realms isn’t as simple as it seems. Magic, combat, gear scores, quests, and dungeons are all puzzles to be solved as the sisters navigate their new surroundings. And they encounter more dangerous enemies than any they faced in the real world.

Time to play the game.

The Laboratory: A Futuristic Dungeon Core

Emma is an artificial intelligence with a love of science, insults, and devilish traps.

When her systems are booted up she finds herself in control of a long-abandoned facility in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The world is filled with dangerous threats granted great powers by the same cataclysm that befell the world. Emma must balance safety with the desire for test subjects as she brings herself back fully online and stakes out a place in this new world.

Pangea Online Book One: Death and Axes: A LitRPG Novel

Everything has a price. Pangea Online is no different.

Esil has spent the past year toiling in the mines of Pangea while the more wealthy traverse its myriad of gameworlds. His luck changes forever when he stumbles upon a legendary Developer's Chest, containing an invaluable Worldpass, which grants him unlimited travel to all gameworlds.

Now, Esil isn’t just stuck watching as others explore Pangea. He can finally level up.

But his in-game actions have real world consequences and failure online threatens everything he holds dear.

Legends of Tarthirious : Book Two of Kylia's Story

I’d break this short story into two parts: 1) Real world- The consequences of Kylie’s arrest and release on charges of cheating in the game are felt as the public vents their frustration at the debt payback system. 2) The game world- Kylie’s character goes on a series of random and unrelated quests to gain experience and gold.