Deck Davis

Steel Orc: Player Reborn (A LitRPG Adventure)

When Tripp Keaton wakes up, he discovers that he is an orc. An orc in a strange world, with the skeletons of humongous beasts scattered around him.

This isn’t a normal morning.

Deep in the world of an online game, Tripp finds himself alone, weaponless, and with nobody to call a friend. Worse, the game’s god-like controller has taken an interest in him, and that interest manifests itself in cruel ways.

If he is to survive, he has to learn how to craft legendary weapons and find allies to fight with him. He must battle his way through a labyrinth of monsters and traps, while surviving wave upon wave of creatures unleashed into the land of Godden’s Reach.

It isn’t enough to make a sword. When the metal cools, he must learn how to weave magic into it.

Code of the Necromancer : A LitRPG Series (Book 2)

Cast your spells. Earn EXP. Bring the dead back to life.

Death fears the men who can use magic against it, but what are those guys scared of?

Well, necromancers are only human. Jakub Russo has a big heart but a dark past, and when he's banished from the magical academy for failure in his first assignment, he finds himself needing new allies, new spells, and new weapons.

A world of secrets and spells awaits outside the academy doors, and Jakub knows that one day, he'll master them all. If he can find his own code, he'll become the best necromancer who ever lived.

This is book 2 in the Necromancer series. It can be read as a standalone, but I recommend starting with book 1, Path of the Necromancer.

Path of the Necromancer Book 1 (A LootRPG Series)

They say that death is the end. That isn't true if you're a necromancer...

When Jakub graduates from the Queen's magic academy as a necromancer, he earns a license to raise things from the dead. His instructors believe that his dark childhood makes him too dangerous to be a necromancer, and some didn't want him to graduate. Jakub will do anything to prove them wrong.

His first mission is to recover the corpse of a traitor, resurrect him,and find out what secrets he told their enemy. He knows he's in deep when he learns that the traitor's body is missing, and worse- he isn't the only person looking for it. Mages, necromancers, cannibals, and warriors all stand in his way as he fights to find the truth.

Trapped in a deadly land and surrounded by hostiles, Jakub will have to scavenge weapons and loot from the enemies he kills, learn new necromancy spells, and use them in ways other necromancers have never dreamed of.

Blademage Beastmaster: A LitRPG Series Book 1

Charlie Naylor is a good guy, but he's never been great at multi-tasking. When Larynk, the God of Corn, sends Charlie into a fantasy game, he just can't help himself trying. By combining his love of daggers, magic, and animals, he becomes the Blademage Beastmaster.

With a dangerous new pet, a deadly selection of daggers, and some awesome spells, he must make allies and kill monsters as he walks his path to glory. If he can do that, then he might just create a legacy for himself.

He used work in an office where he pushed paper, filled in spreadsheets, and made coffee. Now, he casts, conjures, stabs, and tames.

New Eden Royale: An Apocalyptic LitRPG Series

Harry Wollenstein is a regular guy. He loves his ranch, his dogs, and beer. He’s just a normal dude…except that he makes his living fighting in brutal virtual wars. For him, money is short, and like everyone, he needs to make enough to get by.

When a huge battle is announced in the capital city New Eden, Harry will do anything to qualify. The only problem is that battles are controlled by Overseers, and Harry has some history with the Overseer of New Eden. Things aren’t going to be easy for him.

When fighters enter the battlefield, the real-world cities give way to fantasy lands filled whatever horrific creatures that the Overseers’ cruel minds conjure up. The combatants wield swords, runes, skills and spells in digital death battles.

The fights might be virtual, but the danger is real. For Harry, the stakes couldn’t be any higher.

Steele Alchemist: A LitRPG Series

When bartender Jake Steele finds a portal in an abandoned building, he does what any bored guy would do – he walks through it.

He finds himself in a game-like world where his life is measured in stats and his violence is rewarded with experience points. Under the tutelage of an animal-butchering, whore-loving master, he learns to become an alchemist.

He used to mix drinks, but from now on he’s going to be mixing things that are far deadlier.

Arcane Survivalist: Apocalyptic Fantasy LitRPG

After experimenting with dark matter, Dr. Benny Aitken inadvertently opened a portal into another dimension. He found himself in a world called Rapto, a place where he was given magic powers, and killing stuff made him stronger.

A dark mage guild soon discovered the portal and found a way to get through it. Dr. Benny Aitken, self-proclaimed genius, had unwittingly visited a fantasy apocalypse upon earth.

It’s starting point? A small town called Pasture Downs.

In a fit of desperation Benny sends blue orbs back through the portal in the hope that a few heroic residents of earth would find them and absorb their powers, granting them magical skills that they can level up by killing things.

Who are these heroes of legend to be?

Unfortunately, one of them is Ash Hobbes, a conman and self-confessed ass. After stumbling on an orb he becomes a blood mage. Together with a companion called FF, who lives in his head, Ash must learn to stop being such an ass and find the strength to save the world as a blood mage.