Dante's Immortality: Beginnings

For those who reside in the outer regions of Aleria, the day of bestowal is what determines their destiny.

It is the holy day of the Goddess. The day that allows those of age to step forward and receive her blessing, to embark on the path that she has chosen for them. To receive their Classification, which dictates their strength and ability. For those people, the holy day of bestowal represents fate itself.

For Dante, it represents salvation.

Years have past since he found himself abandoned without memories. Years of hunger, ostracization, and solitude on the streets of Alazel without any hope of reprieve. Of entrapment at the hands of the creatures that roamed the wilds beyond the city walls that made leaving impossible.

Now, there is a chance for everything to change.

In a cruel world where power could be gained through slaughter, strength meant everything. For Dante, that meant that the last his hopes lay in the Goddess’ blessing. A combat Classification would be a lifeline, a way for him to escape the hell he had been living in. Anything else would only mean death.

Visaria Online: Exile: A litRPG Fantasy Adventure

Grind XP and loot in an ancient land of powerful magic, fierce warriors, fire-breathing dragons, deadly monsters and horny demons.

Join the noble Paladin Ajax and his two companions. One a goth chick turned Demon Mage, the other a kink loving succubus with whips and a tail, as they journey through the world of Visaria Online, gaining levels, abilities and phat loot.

The real world is a frozen wasteland. Humanity is exiled to Visaria Online, living under the game’s rules and the dreaded specter of its now-defunct pay to win cash shop. Conscripted into the war between the two Visarian factions, Ajax and his companions must survive the brutal player versus player battles and grow in power and prestige.

But as the two factions of the game launch massive simultaneous invasions of one another’s lands, a new threat looms on the horizon that threatens to destroy the exiled home of humanity.

Absalom’s Fate: A LitRPG Quest (The Everlands: Book 1)

Sean Marrow is desperate to enter The Everlands, a recently released, ground-breaking VR game that is all everyone's talking about. He's so desperate that, despite being underage, he sneaks into a gaming lounge just for a chance to play.

The Everlands has everything he'd hoped for: daring quests, wicked monsters, and more than a few intriguing women. But Marrow is also in danger. For reasons he doesn’t understand, the gods of the Everlands are in conflict, and he’s caught in the middle of it.

Stuck in the game, Marrow has to quickly gain power in order to discover the reason behind the game of the gods, and put an end to it before the Everlands are destroyed — and Marrow along with them.

Back In The Game: A Fantasy LitRPG GameLit Novel (Bloodfeast Book 2)

The friends are back!

The friends have to get Back In The Game to help a strange woman they meet on the streets of Boston. They embark on a wild quest full of magic, wonder, and rapping hamsters. That's right - rapping hamsters. It's a crazy tale packed with non-stop action and adventure!

You'll meet several new zany characters, encounter strange and powerful new monsters, and follow the friends on a fantastic quest to save a woman from a fate worse than death. Will they complete their mission or will she be doomed to spend the rest of her life cursed and trapped in the game?

WARNING: This book contains some adult themes that may not be suitable for everyone. If you can't handle a little sex, drugs, violence, and foul language, this book probably isn't for you. But if you're looking for a fun fantasy LitRPG GameLit novel that's packed with R-rated goodness, you're in the right place!

The Hobgoblin Riot: Dominion of Blades Book 2: A LitRPG Adventure

This ain't your daddy's tower defense!

Popper, Jonah, Gretchen, and Alice are back! The Hobgoblin Riot, Dominion of Blades, Book 2. A litrpg adventure.




vulgar slang. Noun.

1) A disastrously and utterly mishandled situation or undertaking.

2) Popper’s scouting mission to Castellane.

It was supposed to be a simple scouting mission. In and out. No fighting. No new quests. Just me, my hippocorn Alice, and a few hired mercenaries. We were going to tiptoe into the Spiral, get the info we needed, and leave. You know, the Spiral? That tower defense run that protects the hobgoblin capital from invaders?

Easy, right? Nobody would even know we were there.

Yeah, so about that…

Digitized Online Book 1 (LitRPG/Gamelit Epic Fantasy Novel Series)

Ivanhoe Darkwolf

He entered the game in a blinding flash of light. He had no memory of who he was, where he came from or why he was here. Where was here, anyway?

All he knew was that he had entered an online game full of magic and wonder and fantastical beasts.

But something was wrong. The world that he knew was gone. All the people. His family, loved ones, everything had been shattered and stolen from him.

And he was tasked with saving the last remnants of the human race.

But he wasn't alone.

In a race against time, Ivanhoe must overcome his fears and battle his way to victory.

But the AI had other plans. She didn't know that there were any survivors. Not at first. Time is NOT on his side. Will he fight and die alone? Or will he pull other digitized players into the game to aid him on his quest?

In this epic 100k word novel, you will find adult themes, violence, language, stats and more!

Codename: Freedom - The Goblin Siege

After surviving the onslaught of week one, Lucius has something to prove. He seeks to train under a living legend in hopes of being ready for the goblin siege.

He isn’t the only one looking to train. As his competition grows in strength, he must push himself harder than ever before.

Then, the unexpected happens. Players start to unlock abilities…

There is only one thing to do when facing impossible odds. Train harder!

Killing Time: The Realms Book 1.5 - (A Humorously Epic LitRPG Adventure)

What the Hell Happened to Lex?

All Lex wanted was to help his good buddy Gryph find his sister and maybe save the world along the way. But everything goes wrong from the start when Lex gets separated from Gryph during their transfer into the Realms. Lost, alone, and forced to live the same day over and over, Lex must defeat the agent of a despotic god, uncover hidden truths about himself, and find his way back to his friend. If he fails the Realms face destruction.

Killing Time is a short novel that bridges the gap between The Realms Book One: Barrow King and the soon to be released The Realms Book Two: The Lost City. It is a tale of adventure, mayhem and loyalty, filled with crazy action, way too much stupidity and tons of laughs.

Desire: A LitRPG Adventure (Volume 1)

A mysterious entity decides to bestow certain individuals with a powerful tattoo. With it, anything becomes possible. The world is changing... and it has yet to be determined if it is for better or worse.

Two friends who grew up together, Ace and Vincent, decide to use the tattoo to do what they always dreamed of.

Dungeon Configuration

Broken and wounded in one of the most dangerous places on Earth, David accidentally makes a deal with something that he has only read about in literature.

After a six month long coma he wakes up to find himself crippled and out of work. Driven by forces that are almost outside his control he goes on a quest to learn and understand one of the last things any sane person would wish to know about.

Meanwhile, trapped in a boring, dirty, and thankless job another poor soul watches through a computer screen. Day and night he works tirelessly to stop, trap, and destroy any who would attempt to both steal his home and ruin his life.

Homebrew: a LitRPG novel (Metagamer Chronicles Book 1)

If Gary had known he'd get trapped in an RPG with his real-life stats, he’d have tried harder in gym class.

Gary Burns just wanted to create the greatest RPG campaign of his gaming career. But a freak magical accident sucks him into the very world he created—as himself.

Surrounded by heroes who look and sound like his friends, Gary is forced to play out the story he wrote. Worthless in a fight, Gary must prove himself valuable even if it means feeding the team insider knowledge.

Because he needs keep his friends close—and himself alive—until he can solve the puzzle he never designed: how to get everyone back home.

Murder Death Chill: A Slaughter Royale LitRPG

Quick intro into this online competitive combat game, Slaughter Royale Online. Hundreds of players enter, each with their own builds, but only the top 10 win the prize money. Everyone spawns in a random location with nothing except a grey unitard. Players can craft gear and weapons, or loot/trade the stuff others make, if they want equipment. The female main character (MC), Angel O’Death, is witty, snarky, and an aggressive fighter. In combat she combines an elegant leaping style of fighting with ground and pound brutality.

Legacy (Reality Gate Book 1)

Aiden Cobb's eighteenth birthday started with him going under the wall, to where the Digits lived. His quest was to find something called a Cyron 3000. His best friend Joel told him he could get insulin for it, for his grandma. Medicine was hard to come by in the forgotten zones, and there was no way he was going to return without it.

Rescue (The Stork Tower Book 4)

A simple error leaves Leah with a unique Neural Enhancement Chip and a rapidly evolving AI implanted in her brain. In Nascent, she evaded kidnapping by virtual slavers and helped shut down some operations of the virtual crime syndicate that uses mind-controlled players as slaves.

In Odyssey, she not only found a way to escape but she also uncovered deeper plots being carried out in both the virtual multi-universe and reality.

In 'Change', Leah began learning how to use the additional connections her chip has made throughout her body. The Pod facility she opened expanded as she helped others from her neighbourhood. She discovered that the crime syndicate has an even greater presence in the virtual multiverse than she’d imagined. As she begins to unravel some of their secrets, they tarnish her reputation and begin removing allies and friends who can help her.

In 'Rescue' Leah works to save some of her family and friends who are held captive by the syndicate. Through all of this, she continues to expand her presence, position and power in the virtual multi-verse, in her studies and real life.

Arcane Transmogrification: (Book Two of the Pentacle Series)

Book Two of the Pentacle Series

Danny died a less than heroic death on Earth, was reincarnated in a new world, gained access to a mental sanctuary that ranks his skills, learned he can do magic, discovered that he can't fly, tricked rich old ladies into buying handbags, crafted himself a crude anti-magic girdle, went to magic school, grew a couple of apple trees, was drafted into a secret paramilitary organization, tamed a pet most people would rather never meet, regrew an elf's ears, gained a split concentration ability in the form of his former Earth self, avoided being kidnapped, was almost eaten by a basalisk, watched an airborn wizard play wack-a-troll, saved his friends from a massive ritualistic magic spell, and did a great impression of a human tree ornament.

Then Danny passed out from blood loss and pain.

Now it is all up to Cranny, the embodiment of Danny's split concentration, to get Danny fixed up before the slowly approaching zombie goblin has a nice woodland picnic.

Viridian Gate Online: The Lich Priest: A litRPG Adventure (The Viridian Gate Archives Book 5)

The Vogthar Horde has come, and they bring real death with them. Not even players are safe from the power of Malware Blades …

Worse, the Realm of Order, dominion of the Overmind Sophia, is in danger—slowly being corrupted by an ancient evil, the Lich Priest. And if he is successful, it could mean the end of Sophia and the downfall of the Crimson Alliance. Grim Jack never thought he’d find himself siding with the Empire, but now that this terrible new threat has arrived, making friends of old enemies may be the only way to survive.

Shard Warrior: A LitRPG Novel (Crystal Shards Online Book 2)

"Becoming a Dodge Tank was just the beginning."

The World Boss is defeated, but Ryan's troubles are far from over.

Transported to a new world, Ryan and his friends must figure out how to save their home city of Citadel, while learning to survive in a game world where death is now all too real.

But first, Ryan must keep his promise to Val Helena, and sets out on a dangerous quest to the Vale of Sorrows to defeat the Shadow King. With an enemy ten times stronger than a world boss, Ryan will have to do some serious leveling up as a Dodge Tank to be fit for task.

But when he encounters a fellow gamer with an agenda of his own, Ryan finds his plans not only derailed but his very life threatened by an enemy of his own making!

Ryan will have to grow in both level and maturity to face the difficult struggles ahead. But the game has more secrets to reveal and the enemy lying just below the surface, may be more terrifying than anything he could have imagined...  

Alpha Testing: Angromoria LitRPG Adventure

The advertisement offered the ultimate Virtual Reality experience. Using a new technology known as Immersive Virtual Reality or IVR you could truly experience the game as if you were in it. For someone who has been confined to a wheelchair all of his life, the promise was impossible to ignore but only a few would be invited to take part in the Alpha test of the new game. Devon decided he would be one of those few

To ensure he would be chosen he took the most unlikely combination of skills specializing primarily as a craftsman and secondarily as a healer. The best race for these skill trees is a Gnome but that further weakens his ability to fight and survive. Still, it is only the Alpha test and once in he can change it when they move to Closed Beta.

What could go wrong? Soon he finds out just how weak his choices seem to the developers who figure he will die a lot and always be a Nobody. Name chosen Gnobody sets out to take on Angromoria and it is everything he could hope for until it becomes the only thing he may ever know.

Betrayal: A LitRPG Adventure (Monsters, Maces and Magic Book 2)

Glenn, a college sophomore, hasn’t gotten used to being a gnome healer, trapped in a world that functions under the rules of Monsters, Maces and Magic. Of course, acclimating isn’t the plan. He, along with the other players drawn into the RPG world in the form of their characters, want to escape and return home.

Stephi, Kirby, Ron, Derek and Glenn survived their first adventure into the Dark Heart Swamp, and are approached to once again enter the dismal marshland. An elf maiden, daughter of a baronet, has been taken captive by a band of goblins, and gold is offered for her rescue.

Gold is needed, not only if the party hopes to escape the game world, but to live and survive its perils. Glenn and his party take the mission, even though they weren’t the first choice. Beyond that, the foul swamp and its evil denizen may not be the greatest danger. A seer warns that their greatest threat lies in betrayal.