Kingdom of the Dead (An NPC's Path Book #2) LitRPG Series

What could be worse that getting stuck in a virtual world? Instead of enjoying the game, I found myself trapped inside my character’s dead body. Now the only way I can save myself is by procuring the Scroll of Rebirth. The problem is, my chances of getting it are slim. I’m an undead: an outlaw with no friends, only fickle allies, and plenty of enemies. Who are only waiting for their chance to strike.

My undead hangman character has to tread a razor’s edge, with only the support of his fellow players preventing his imminent plunge into the abyss. But are they who they claim they are? In a game, there’s nothing easier than assuming another person’s identity.

Grum: Suburban Sunderer (Savage Legends Book 2)

Savage Legends: Book 2

Two weeks after being transplanted to our world, Grum, a level-99 barbarian finds himself banished to his boss Eli’s suburban rental property with a laundry list of chores—and nothing to kill, except time.

But when Grum meets a crafty little girl named Romy, he learns of a hidden kingdom nestled in the woods at the end of Juniper Street. A kingdom that Romy insists is ripe for the taking—so long as Grum does exactly what she says.

WARNING: Contains 60% more BARBARIAN!, stat blocks, gamer jokes, drug use, sexual references, crude humor, idiocy, battle-axes, magic items and experience points.

Deadwater: A LitRPG Adventure (The Wayfarers Book 2)

Book 2 of The Wayfarers, a series of LitRPG novellas.

Alex McLeod is broke again. A teenager from Earth, Alex discovered a mysterious old game called Wayfarer, which transported him to the fantasy world of Borealis. There, he and the beautiful elven thief Cerissa embarked on a career of crime, stealing the gold that they need to buy new powers and skills under the rules of Wayfarer. But the money's run out, their exploits have caught up with them, and their friend Bell is in mortal danger.

Now Alex and Cerissa must slip Bell out of the city, up the river, and out to freedom on the open sea. But their enemy's power reaches further than they thought, and hanging over everything is the threat of the terrible prison known as Deadwater...

First Level (Replay Book 1)

It's his heaven and her hell.

Waking up in a strange place with no memory of who you are or how you got there is bad enough but when Lana finds out she's stuck with Peter, who seems overly excited by the prospect of an adventure, she starts to get a bad feeling. To make matters worse, Lana finds out she's dead, has no memory of the past, and all the talk of skills, leveling up and questing make her want to scream.

All Lana wants to do is find a way to get home, wherever that is, but Peter is more than content to stay and see what this strange world filled with merchant gnomes, Minotaur bartenders and angry house toughs have to offer.

Seasoned Adventurer

Alex's biggest worry in life was his job as a chef, cooking for people that otherwise wouldn't know he existed. That, and getting a date with the server he had a crush on. But when he finds himself thrown into another world, one with elements for too similar to video games he had played in the past, his only concern was survival. And maybe coming out of his shell for once.

Backed by internet trivia and video game lore, and armed with a strange magical ability that allows him to harness the power of his foes by literally devouring part of their essence, Alex isn't the hero he dreamed he would be. But maybe he's the hero that can save his new friends and a village that could be his new home.

(This book contains some adult themes and profanity.)

Beastmaster: Symbiosis: A harem LitRPG science fantasy adventure (Beastmasters Book 1)

An alien cat turned me into a superweapon.

I was homeless on the streets of Third York when it happened. Then the military arrived and gave me a choice. Enlist or die.

The next thing I knew, I was fighting giant robots at the Xenoforce Academy's boot camp. Figuring out superpowers and energy levels was hard enough, but I had to deal with a mind-reading alien princess, a team of gorgeous women, and a femme fatale in charge of the whole operation.

Oh, and a galactic conspiracy is threatening all of humanity.

It's up to me and my new feline friend to set things right. A civil war's brewing on the homeworld of our allies from space, and hidden traitors are sabotaging Earth's defenses. We'll have to gain the trust of my hot teammates and —

Did I mention how tight their bodysuits are?

Warning: May not be suitable for all audiences. This book contains sensual and comedic adult scenes of questionable taste, anime-style harem situations, and gamelit/litrpg mechanics.

Infinite Lives: (Infinite Lives Online Book 1)

Winter is coming, is it? Well, if my shrivelled-up little energy bar is anything to go by, I’d argue that it's already f***ing here.

Trust me, the infinite lives hack seemed like a good idea at the time.

Welcome to Infinitus, an exciting new MMORPG where you can make friends and mutilate people, without the complications that often arise from the latter. If you fancy having your digitized soul stuffed into a Wizard, an Elf, or one of any number of fantasy bodies, then this is the fully immersive gaming experience for you. Magic, melees, and if you play your cards right, adventurer-on-adventurer action await.

Or at least, that’s what the sons of glitches on the commercial promised me.

What I got was the Lord of the Rings on bloody amphetamines. A glitching garbage-fire of a game. As I write this, I’m trapped in a Red Zone, with a horde of unstoppable murder fiends, a clingy nemesis, and a pack of players who couldn’t give two tugs of a Donkey Kong’s you-know-what whether I live or die. The wrong end of my flaming sword keeps catching fire. The only NPCs who want to have sex with me are members of the Gnome community. And to make matters worse, I can’t log out.

Um, I did mention the tank full of heavily armed soldiers in mech suits who just arrived, right?

I am so screwed…

Warning: “Infinite lives” contains swearing, stats and violence, the FPS occupation of a fantasy MMORPG, a hung-over gamer girl in a mech suit, a chainsaw wielding Amazon, sleazy Zombies, an evil Necromancer, the most pointless artifact ever, characters with unbelievably inappropriate avatars, an ad-saturated cyberpunk future, an excessively violent horde, inappropriate workplace behaviour, a drunk Wizard with a ring fetish, weaponized Gnomes, non-PC NPCs, and possibly a melee et trois.

More swearing than Ready Player One. Less words than Lord of the Rings…

Advent (Red Mage Book 1)

Drew Michalik was working in a top-secret facility in Washington, D.C. when the Advent began. As all electronics in the world simply ceased to work, blue screens filled with information appeared before him.

Drew was given access to a mana interface and a limited number of reality-altering crystals called Xatherite. Following the instructions on his vision-impairing screens, he ‘slotted’ his Xatherite and changed his fate: he gained the ability to cast spells. Now alone in the dark, he must battle through the government bunker-turned-dungeon in a desperate bid for survival.

Escape is only the beginning, the first of his many problems in the changed world. Drew will be tasked to not only survive… but to guide the rest of humanity safely through the anarchy.

One More Last Time: A LitRPG/GameLit Novel (The Good Guys Book 1)

One More Last Time: A LitRPG/GameLit Novel (The Good Guys Book 1)

A ruined life.

A broken heart.

He thought it was the end, and his gun sat ready to make sure.

But an oddball offer from his last friend comes at the literal last second. Curiosity gets the best of him, and he finds himself sucked into iNcarn8, a game claiming to be a whole new life. Now as Montana, the larger-than-life tank warrior, he has one more last time to get his life right.

One More Last time is the first book in The Good Guys, a LitRPG GameLit series. If you like fast-paced adventure, RPG mechanics, and sweet level progression with a deep magic and game system, this book is for you. It has notes of The Land and classic Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and stars a lovable idiot of a main character who can’t seem to shake his dark past and find the quiet life he so wants.

The Path to Peace (Alpha World Book 6)

Life in Alpha World has been a blessing for Alburet, more then he had ever thought it could be, and still more then he thinks he deserves at times. With allies and friends all around him, and the love of three beautiful, unique women he knows that this might be the best life has to offer.

But all of life has complications and his are many and varied. A quest from the Overlord, that requires he level as quickly as he can for the ‘End Game’ or risk losing all the happiness he has found.

While that is difficult enough more issues keep showing up. The open-ended contract by the Assassins’ Guild on any member of Alpha Company is testing the bonds of those who have joined. Add in the background movements of the Noble Houses to that list to make things even more annoying, but that is still not the end of the troubles. Not the least issue seems to be, the machinations of the vague old evil that is stirring again, with its own plans.

With all these issues starting to bear down on Alburet and Alpha Company, he must fight to accomplish the goals needed to keep his loves, all while dealing with his own mental issues.

Welcome back to Alpha World

Roguelock: A LitRPG Adventure (The Wayfarers Book 1)

Book 1 of The Wayfarers, a series of LitRPG novellas.

The year is 1984, and Alex McLeod's dad has been missing for more than half his life. When Alex inherits a mysterious game called Wayfarer-- a game that should not exist-- he is drawn into a fantasy world of criminal intrigue. Accompanied by a disembodied daemon and an elf who is not all she seems, Alex must chase his father's legacy while finding a way to earn gold and experience points without getting himself killed in the process.

Roguelock is inspired by old-school tabletop roleplaying games and heist movies.

Couch Potato Chaos - Gamebound

You know those times when you’re surrounded by a squadron of blood-thirsty ninjas, your back is to the wall, you’re down to your last heart container, and all hope seems lost? In situations like that, it’s important not to panic, to take a deep breath, and to remember that even if you do shuffle off this mortal coil, by the laws of Etheria you’ll shuffle right back on it again.

Meet Tasha, a couch potato with no accomplishments to her name. That all changes one fateful day when she gets sucked into the world of Etheria. Here, in this world of adventure, she can become the strong person she’s always wanted to be.

After rescuing a princess from ninjas, one thing leads to another, and before she knows it, she’s drawn into a massive quest to save Etheria. With friends by her side, Tasha must figure out who she really is.

Rebirth Online: A litRPG Adventure

Sam Sullivan has spent the last year of his life paralyzed. Unable to afford the state of the art surgery needed to repair his spinal cord, Sam has lost all hope. But when the first fully immersive virtual reality game goes live, Sam is given a second chance at life.

Rebirth Online offers players action, adventure, and a chance at real world riches. If Sam can rise through the ranks and claim his kingdom, he just might be able to earn enough money to afford the surgery he so badly needs.

Sam enters Rebirth Online excited to begin his adventure, but within fifteen minutes of spawning in the game, he is robbed, beaten, and left for dead.

He wakes to find himself in the care of Anna, a beautiful elf healer. Together they discover that he has an unbelievable special ability, one that allows him to instantly level. To use it, he must grind - literally - with the girls in his guild.

The only problem - A twelve hour cool down.

As Sam’s guild grows, he and Anna are joined by a beautiful human warrior, a feisty drow assassin, and a flighty female Furry. But when a run-in with a high level player named Kincaid ends with Anna’s kidnapping, Sam and his girls must pull all the punches to get their guild mate back. In the process, they uncover a secret with the potential to bring the entire game crashing down.

The Hall: Book 1 of the Muraglen Saga

What traits define you?

What would you do if you had to start over?

When Faust Swift is thrown into a world of monsters, quests and mysteries he must use his wits and returning memories to overcome adversity and grow stronger. He will meet plenty of enemies and hopefully an ally here or there. Join him as the Universe throws him from Realm to Realm and he finds what he is truly made of.

Phoenix World: Beta Test Zone 5

Will Smith was living a great life! A wonderful wife, two awesome kids, a job he liked and a stable pay check. That all ended one summer evening when driving back to his house after a weekend of camping. A semi-truck veered into his lane and hit his SUV killing his entire family in a single stroke.

He survived if you can call it surviving. He only had the use of his right arm and he could move his neck and head. He would be bed ridden the rest of his life. He ended up meeting some great people that got him into a MMORPG that was about to be 100% virtual, full immersion and for a guy who could no longer walk or doing anything except lie in a bed this was the escape he needed!

He meets a God, gets mind blowing loot, forms a guild, makes friends..... And then dies in real life.

This is his story, please join Will and his friends for this adventure!!

The Arena (The Adventures of Horc Book 2)

Never Split the Party!

All he wanted was a bit of quiet time and some extra cash for beta testing the new game, what Alan Gosling got was so much more when disaster strikes, trapping him in the VR game.

Although he’s still stuck in the MMORPG of Halfworld, Horc must turn his efforts to rescuing his friends when they split the party.

Even though he has to be careful not to die, Horc isn’t holding back when it comes to saving his friends.

As the game’s AI starts acting peculiar, Horc and his party find almost everything in the game is fighting against them.

Their biggest challenge awaits them in the Lone Palm Arena where they must fight and kill their friends to save them.

Is Horc up to the challenge that goes against everything he believes in?

Can he save his friends before he loses himself in the game?

With new friends and bigger challenges than before, Horc will do everything he can to fight and stay alive in a game that is nearly as real as the everyday life he was hoping to escape.

Freehaven Online: Lady Thunderlord, Into Hades: A LitRPG Adventure (Freehaven Online-Book 2)

Still stranded in the virtual world of Freehaven Online, the Toxic Muffins, lead by Justine, are given new hope after a beloved guild member died upon failing digitization.

Mirae has come online.

No one can message her, but they have a quest leading them into the depths of Hades, an underworld that serves two planes of mortal existence, to retrieve a lost soul and escort it back to the living. They hope that's what Mirae is.

For mortals, entering the underworld is no easy task. There's no respawn within Hades and resurrection spells now have a lengthy cool down. Justine's party will face monsters, ghosts, and even deities in their journey. To make matters worse, Hades doesn't release souls easily, and getting back may be just as testing.

Justine needs to forge a rock solid adventure party to find the gates of the underworld, locate Mirae, and bring her home to safety, because if she doesn't Mirae could be lost to both the real and digital worlds forever.

Cavern of Spirits: A LitRPG and GameLit Adventure (Stonehaven League Book 3)

Devon has faced off with half-mad zombie frogmen, a demon war priestess, and a thousand-year-old curse.

But can she survive another attempt to cook dinner?

You know, sometimes it would be nice to catch a break. Devon, a professional gamer, has a settlement to grow into a city, a character she'd love to focus on leveling, and some kitchen cabinets that really need restocking.

Unfortunately, the fate of the Relic Online game world is at stake, torn asunder by battling creator AIs. Demons rise through planar rifts, rampaging across the physical realm. The ancient city of Ishildar holds power that might turn the tide. If only Devon, the brave heroine chosen as the city's champion, could finish her epic quest line to gain control of the place.

The in-game events would be challenge enough if she weren't confronted with disasters in the real world. After a horrifying mountain bike crash, Devon's friend, Tamara, needs her support. Emerson, a programmer from the gaming company, can't unravel the troubling actions of the demonic AI, Zaa, without Devon's help.

And yeah, there's the little problem of a raid force of anarchist players coming to demolish Stonehaven, the only true home Devon has ever known.

No problem, right?

Game Changer (Reality Benders Book #3) LitRPG Series

A war has broken out in the Galaxy! The great spacefaring races are all entangled in the fight and, even at the very edge of the known Universe, humanity can hear the echoes of its distant bloody battles. Our suzerains and defenders the Geckho are also caught up in this all-encompassing conflict. Is that a good thing for humanity or not? The answer is up for debate. On the one hand, the Geckho will no longer take the trouble to defend a planet inhabited by people, which is worrying. But on the other, might humanity have the chance to make a name for themselves and take a more active role in interstellar politics?

Gnat is with the Shiamiru crew on the front lines. He’s just changed class to Listener and his friends find themselves right in the thick of this grand interstellar war...

Gaia's Gambit: Evolution Online I (A LitRPG)

The end of the world had come, and humanity was in danger of extinction, but it would survive. Had survived, as far as Jason knew.

Jason lived the last millennia in a virtual utopia, which was slowly driving him insane. His mind suspended in a computer matrix, an ark of sorts, until they could grow new bodies and rejoin the real world, to rebuild. It would be a long time before the Earth recovered. Only four million out of billions had been saved in such a fashion, he was one of the lucky ones.

At least, he’d been in a utopia until that morning, when he woke up in a new world on a bed of moss in the middle of a forest glade. Alone. No breakfast, no coffee, and no bacon. He wasn’t sure what to do, but he didn’t really have a choice but to move forward, it was either that or starve himself to death over and over. Not really a choice at all. Well, either that or be killed by monsters.

He just wished he knew what the hell Gaia was thinking. Elves, dwarves, evil races, magic, swords, and bows? The A.I. must have lost her mind…