The Land: Predators: A LitRPG Saga (Chaos Seeds Book 7)

In The Land:Predators, the Mist Village has harnessed its power. Core buildings, Professional fighters and now, their own Dungeon, the settlement is primed to grow into a kingdom of true power and magic. The path to power has not been without risk, however. The Mist Village has been noticed.

Evil nobles from the Kingdom of Law, bloodthirsty goblins from the Serrated Mountains, an undead lord with a penchant for human sacrifice and fanatical kobolds from the Depths, all plot the village's destruction. The predators are circling. Richter's people are horribly outnumbered by foes whose own power has been entrenched for thousands of years.

Richter and Sion need to be stronger than ever before. Luckily, they are. New skills have been learned, stronger enchantments have been wrought and the hundreds of villagers have answered the call to adventure. The Companions do not stand alone. While many eyes have turned towards the mists, wanting to take the treasures within, the Mist Village stares back with a simple message.

Come and get it!

IMMORtAL_Kalika Episode 1 (LitRPG): The Speedrunner (Episodic Kalika)

Genre Bending LitRPG, RPG GameLit with an emphasis on its Grimdark tone, active combat, and protagonist skill building and power acquisition. Features a no-nonsense protagonist with a tragic past and a reason to want to live in a videogame, even one as gritty and dark as the demon and revenant infested Project_DH.

You've previously known of her accomplishments as the #1 player of the death game Project_DH. To many, her gameplay stats and skill have made her an enigma to the hundreds of alpha testers imprisoned in the game as well as the developers assisting them. Now, you'll get to see the player behind the infamous avatar of IMMORtAL_Kalika, a determined young woman who carries the burden of a great tragedy within her, a tragedy that gives her strength, but one that also threatens to crush her from the inside out.

IMMORtAL_Kalika Episode 1 features an Alchemist class playthrough with spellcraftes utilizing the power of man and nature in tandem.

The Trash Tier Dungeon

For these two, getting along means life or death.

Minette, the lowest ranked sentient dungeon in Bellstrang, deserves her Trash Tier title. She's more interested in playing with her cats and having fun than being a proper dungeon.

Scorned by recent experiences, Arden the Dungeon Pixie doesn't have time for fun. The only thing she likes on her schedule is beheading her enemies.

Following a treacherous act against her last dungeon, the Overseer of Dungeons reassigns Arden to work with Minette. If she fails to lift Minette to the Overseer's standards within a month's time, he'll smite her.

Complicating things further is a revenge-seeking rogue who wants Arden dead.

Clans War (The Way of the Shaman: Book #7) LitRPG Series

Not long ago, Daniel Mahan, known to everyone as Shaman Mahan, thought that he had taken his sixth and final step in the Barliona gameworld. Yet life has other ideas. The Corporation decides to resurrect the Lord of Shadow and his entire host. The Corporation's CEO personally pushes the reset button. Geranika and his Dragon of Shadow spring back to life as, meanwhile, the Corporation makes an offer the Shaman can't refuse.

Seventh Talon I: Dragonrider's Fury

Beware the Dragonrider’s Fury; even the gods fear its justice. - The First Dragonrider

-Boh’s Journal, March 13th, N167

It started with a card in a cafe. An invitation to an exclusive world called Seventh Talon, and it only asked one question before I agreed. Do you want to be a Dragonrider?

It said nothing about guns, magic, or heavy metal, those were just added incentive. It also said nothing about the secrets, betrayals, and politics of a dragon run society. Dragons that would rather eat me than listen to what I had to say, horrible way to win an argument in my opinion.

Nor did it tell me that the biggest enemy I would have to fight was myself.

Author Note: The main character of this book does not leave Seventh Talon. If you are curious about the first chapter, Odditek Online, and Neuroma, then please read my Office War series. Office Wars takes place in the same world, just a different part of Odditek Online and follows a different character arc. It provides a lot more information about Neuroma, Odditek, and the sectors.

Also, I do add in easter eggs from the various books too. It is a fun way to reward my readers.

Respawn: Lives 1-5

You are no one. Level zero. Empty of mind and memory. Even your past has been stripped from your brain by the inscrutable System.

A long, difficult road lies between you and remembering any part of who you are. A road punctuated with one death after another. You are too puny to survive by might alone. Information is the single resource that might keep you alive, but the brainless “digis” have none of it. Only those with experience can give you what you need, but most care nothing about you or your plight. In fact, some make it their mission to kill you.

So die you will, again and again, your life counter clicking lower and lower. Even the creators do not know what happens when your counter reaches zero, but many are sure that your last life here is just that. No more respawns.

You are not the first player in the world of S.T.Y.X., and you will not be the last. You can only hope luck will be on your side. The luckiest players are those who find a vulnerability in the System. Those they call cheaters.

Perhaps cheating is the only way to win.

Sicora Online: The Ringer: A LitRPG Adventure

What do you do when your game is too tough? Bring in a ringer.

On his first night as a beta tester for Sicora Online, twenty-one-year-old Galen Cole meets the clone: Prairie 'Ringer' Powell. He isn't sure what to make of Prairie; she's engineered for violence, a maestro with a bow, and a real wild card. But they need each other. Galen and Prairie are two of the first batch of testers for the game that has a tendency to stomp its players.

Fresh from debugging, Sicora Online is an ever-shifting world whose AI has been programmed to alter its level based on the personalities inside it. But Sicora needs to feed before she can blossom into an MMORPG: she must learn human behavior, motivations, and reactions to setback.

Enter the level crawl.

Ten days. Ten unpredictable worlds. If Galen survives, he’ll be granted his heart's desire: a lifetime of free access to Sicora Online.

But first he has to survive.

Eloria's Beginning: A LitRPG/GameLit Epic (Enter The louVRe Book 1)

One life, stolen memories. Gaming has consequences when the AI won’t let you leave.

In the battle to save his race, Scarhoof is the last guard standing. If the old shaman fails to protect Sunset Cove, the defenseless minotaurs in his care will fall into the enemy’s scaly clutches. But on the other side of the VR console, far more than Scarhoof's game world is at stake…

Adrianna and her team of programmers are in for some long nights on the job. Epoch International’s latest immersive game wasn’t supposed to release for months, but the AI had other plans. Now, it's trapped players in the simulation and holds their memories hostage. If Adrianna can’t hack her way back in, Scarhoof and the other players could be lost forever…

Rogue Online: The Devil's Gate: A LitRPG adventure (The Rogue Lands Chronicle Book 1)

To survive you must win. Nothing else matters.

Max is a top-level gamer, a battle mage with enough fire-power to level a city. Or a small village at least. Lots of people want to be him. A few want to hire him.

But most just want to kill him.

At least, in the game. Things in real life aren't so easy.

After double-crossing the all-powerful Corporation, the shadowy tech company that runs the world’s biggest gaming tournaments, Max finds himself on the run. His only chance of escape is to enter the world of Rogue Online, a prototype full-immersion game that just might let him evade his enemies.

But he soon discovers that Rogue Online isn’t the safe haven he’d hoped. Especially when he’s been stripped of all the abilities he’s worked so hard to build.

If he wants to get home, Max must use all his skills and ingenuity to level up and uncover the dark conspiracy at the heart of the Corporation. A conspiracy that threatens not only Rogue Online but all of humanity as well.

The Grind

One young woman hungers for status in a harsh, feudal future—but her greed could become her downfall.

In the desolate future city-state of Verre, King Leopold and his lords rule with absolute authority. There’s only one way for oppressed serfs to rise in rank: the MMORPG called ‘The Grind’. Once a year, players in this virtual game can fight for the opportunity to raise their standing by gathering as many points as possible. Peasants can become Nobles, Lords and, with enough skill, sometimes Kings…

Savannah “Savvy” deForge is a Grinder—the lowest of the low, who earns a living racking up points for players by “ghosting” them in the game. When a wealthy client named Timon comes calling, she sees him as her ticket out of the classless limbo of Grinder life.

But when her father vanishes into the game, Savvy will have to choose between the advancement she craves and reclaiming the one she loves. As virtual deaths start to become terribly real, Savvy realizes there is much more at stake than status, and it may be too late to save anyone, including herself.

Dungeon Lord: Otherworldly Powers (The Wraith's Haunt - A litRPG series Book 2)

Dark forces are threatening everything that Dungeon Lord Edward Wright cares about… and they don’t expect what they’re about to get.

Only a few weeks have passed since the Battle of Burrova, and Edward and his friends are busier than ever improving the Haunt and protecting the surviving villagers.

Sadly, time is a scarce commodity in the world of Ivalis. Soon enough, Ed finds himself thrown in conflict against the man behind the mindbrood’s attack, a man who is seemingly capable of shrugging off mortal wounds and who is willing to unleash a devastating plague of undead against the Haunt and everyone inside.

Only the otherworldly powers of a Dungeon Lord may be capable of protecting the Haunt against the rapidly approaching danger… but can Edward remain the same man if he exposes himself to the corrupting influence of that very same power?

But Death is Not Forbidden (The Twenty-Sided Eye Series Book 2)

Spooky and Joe are in a gaming reality that is quickly becoming clear, is quite real. They are forced to fight monsters, dungeons, and betrayal but their greatest enemy might be denial. Both Joe and Spooky are now nearly immortal, but how will Joe react when the facts of the situation can no longer be denied? He may never see his late wife in the afterlife. How will Spooky deal with the changes within herself? Neither she nor her co-Champion have the option to become mere mortals again. Watch as Joe and Spooky continue to grow their capital in people, skills, equipment, and magic.

Level Up

Virtual is Reality.

What would the world be like if video game rules suddenly applied?

Marcus is about to find out. After a freak accident he finds himself stuck between a game and the real world. He’ll need to fight his way through football hooligans, carnies and the dreaded RNG to get to the final boss and save the world. Anything less means it’s game over for good.

Along the way he’ll learn new skills, chase epic loot and most importantly of all, Level Up!

Ghost Platoon: a mech LitRPG novel (Armored Souls Book 2)

A dying game. A tournament for the ages. One last chance for glory.

After a glorious run as the world’s first full-immersion VR mega-game, Armored Souls is on its last legs. Competitors are on the rise, and the company’s own projects are surpassing it. In a last-ditch effort to inject new life into the game, Valhalla West announces a tournament with such an awesome prize that no player can resist.

Reggie has led Wounded Legion to the top ranks of the factions on the Armored Souls servers, but the game has gotten easy for him. Too easy. When Valhalla West announces their tournament plans, Reggie springs into action to prepare for it. His motives are twofold. First, it’s the most excitement he’s felt in years.

But more importantly, Armored Souls is Reggie’s entire world. He’s willing to fight to keep it going as long as he can.

Fairwind's Fortune

In 2038, Gail plays "Thousand Tales", a game run by a watchful AI. In there, she's exploring an endless sea to gain aquatic powers and master the rare skill of combat origami. In the real world she helps run an ice cream company and is starting to see robots sneaking around the place, because the AI's plans go beyond keeping players entertained.

Her real and fantasy lives collide one night when she has a bout of extremely good luck, and the chance to have her brain permanently relocated to the game's world. Is digital heaven too good an offer to pass up?

"Fairwind's Fortune" is part of the larger "Thousand Tales" setting, though no knowledge of it is required. A friendly artificial intelligence is seeking allies to cross between worlds, offering magic and transformation and immortality in return. What can Gail do to help befriend the young race of AIs raised inside a game, and make sure they understand what humans really want?

Demon's Quest (Grimdark Adventures Online Book 1)

A gamer girl plays for her life.

There are seven stages of grief. Tatiana finds herself stuck in anger. Diagnosed with an inoperable, terminal brain cancer, she rails against fate as her choices get taken away one by one. Only two things prevent her from falling into the sixth stage – depression. The first is Grimdark Adventures Online, where she has two characters/avatars, one a brutal male Battle-Knight, the other a gorgeous Rogue. The second liberating thing: insurance.

When her real-life body dies, the insurance will allow her to escape extinction by paying for her upload into the game as a perma-player, ensuring that she will never reach the seventh stage – acceptance. She need only choose which character her consciousness will inhabit.

Perma-players can’t level up as quickly or easily as Players, so Tatiana spends her last days in the hospital playing the game, leveling up where she can and venting her rage in battle and mayhem.

When a demon in the game threatens to steal from her her final choices by permanently killing both of her characters, forcing her to upload as an unknown at Level 1, Tatiana knows desperation. She must either accede to the demon’s wishes by going on a quest, or meekly accept the unacceptable.

Backed by a flying dragon, she sends her Rogue character into the unknown to battle orcs, mages, and cannibalistic goblins. Determined to win through despite the odds, she refuses to accept any possibility other than victory. But, even should she win through, she can only hope that the demon will keep his word, freeing her to make her final choice before it gets made for her.

The Omega Dream

With the innovation of fully immersive virtual technology that links directly to the user's mind, the world of console gaming has evolved in five years beyond what all but the most ambitious of gamers could imagine. Unfortunately, that technology comes with a few... quirks.

When a young boy named Aaron Marcus got his hands on his first Neural Console it was a dream come true. He could finally join his other friends who had long since delved into the virtual MMO known as Omega Dream. It all turns to a nightmare when a tragedy strikes and he becomes unable to return back to the real world.

Discovering he is but another in a long line of players trapped inside the artificial realm, he resolves himself to do whatever it takes to make it out. He begins his journey through Purgatory, the server built to house the damned players cursed to spend the rest of their days inside “Omega Dream”. It isn’t long before he finds out just how difficult his quest may be. Only one player has ever escaped the virtual prison. Only time will tell if Aaron has what it takes to be the second.

The New Party: VirTim LitRPG Episode 1

The sirens are blaring. The nuclear missiles are on their way. You have only minutes left to live. What do you do? Play an online fantasy RPG, of course.

Virtual time dilation (VirTim) means that even a few minutes of real time can become weeks, months or years of subjective game time. Ryan is one of those who flee the holocaust to a VirTim world.

But something in the Realms of Ralonus is very wrong...

Legends of Tarthirious: The Complete Collection

The Legends of Tarthirious series is composed of five separate stories originally published as a kind of serial series. The first book is my favorite. It has so much potential. It setup a world where citizens of the U.K. had to pay back the national debt by a certain period or they'd get deported. Kylia, the main character (MC) was not only responsible for her part of the debt, but an inherited portion from her family when they died. The game she plays is her way to get ahead and pay. Otherwise she faces deportation. This is a good premise, it makes the game stuff matter. It also introduces this threat from rebel forces that want to take the system down. Good real world stuff too.

Unfortunately, starting right from book 2 the premise shifts. It becomes more about moving Kylia and trying to keep her out of the hands of the 'bad guys.' The game stuff, while still a big part of the content of the novels, stops mattering to the story. Since Kylia no longer has any hope of paying her debt back all she's really playing for is fun, to hang out with her boyfriend, or just to kill some time till the story gets back to the real world stuff. Even though some of the game stuff it is entertaining as short stories, they don't effect the novel story at all. Which makes them ultimately feel pointless and like filler.

I kept reading each novel in the series hoping it would get better or at least as interesting as the first book but it never did. The  last book felt a bit rushed to tie everything up and while it does, overall the whole thing wasn't very satisfying.

Legends of Tarthirious : Book Five of Kylia's Story (Legends of Tarthirious (A LitRPG) 5)

Kylia is struggling to deal with the recent death of her fiance, Gerald, and decides to do the only sane and sensible thing.

Throw herself into the virtual world of Tarthirious.

In Tarthirious, Kylia's avatar, Armelia, is having struggles with morality and whether or not the pesky thing is actually important when it comes to having a good time and completing quests.

In this, the fast-paced, action-packed conclusion to the Legends of Tarthirious saga, the story twists, turns, and surprises at every corner as it reaches its stunning climax, whether Kylia's ready for it or not.