Seductive Seas Books 1-4 Seductive Seas LitRPG Series

Swashbuckling Harem Adventures

That's the aim of Seductive Seas. Deetz knows his team has built a great game and is ready for the big release of this MMORPG. His boss, the beautiful, steely-eyed Carly, wants a final demonstration of the game's selling points, however - seductive encounters and the combat mechanics.

It isn't long before the head game designer is sucked into the story with the gorgeous, submissive NPC Zetta as he begins a quest to not only convince Carly the Seductive Seas game is ready for launch but finds himself strangely astride two worlds - and drawn to two women who could not be more different.

The Seductive Seas series is a high adventure, fantasy ero romance that has something for everyone - beautiful women, strong personalities, pirates, treasure, role-playing games, steamy encounters between the sheets, virtual reality. And an imperfect, relatable hero who struggles with doing right by multiple women and multiple worlds.

This volume includes the first four installments of the Seductive Seas.

In Search of the Uldans (Galactogon: Book #2) LitRPG Series

What could be better than space adventures? Captain Surgeon knows the answer to this question—space piracy! Loot, pillage, plunder and sell all the lucre—that’s the motto of the Galactogon pirates, and Surgeon is doing his best to join their number.

But what is to be done when the enigmatic Uldans do not want to leave our swashbuckler in peace and keep laying new mysteries in his path, distracting him from his main goal? How does one become a formidable buccaneer, the scourge of Galactogon’s countless star systems, when an indomitable alien invasion is razing empires all across the galaxy?

Time and time again, the game hands Captain Surgeon the Black Spot and time and time again he refuses to take it. It looks like he will have to work extra hard to realize his dreams of piracy and find the answers to all these mysteries…

Viridian Gate Online: Dead Man’s Tide: A litRPG Adventure (The Illusionist Book 2)

Viridian Gate Online is more than just a game… and now, it's Alan Campbell’s whole world.

Recently deceased and squishy as hell, Alan, a newly minted Illusionist, is forced to flee for his life. He needs time to deal with his loss, both in-game and IRL, but first he’ll have to escape his crazy ex, the treacherous Firebrand, Thalia Daceran.

On his way to safety and revenge, he’ll team up with Titus, the Imperial spymaster, as well as a crew of pirates, commandos, and even a shapeshifting Mimic with a taste for blood. His path leads to Wyrdtide, a gaslit city hidden in mists and governed by dark demigods.

But even with Alan dead, the world marches on. Will the government seize control of V.G.O.? Did Horace, the blind beggar, really die? And whatever happened to Jeff? Find answers, new purpose, and the machinations of the gods in this action-packed continuation of the Illusionist Series.

Under the Black Flag (Epic LitRPG Adventure - Book 6) (Fayroll)

The first 9% of the story ties up the witch quest from book 5 and as soon as the main character (MC) finds himself transported to Tigali Archipelago. A part of the game that is still in the testing phase. The game admins are letting the MC in though because he has a quest which may change all of Fayroll.

The rules are different for him here. To keep his progress he’ll have to use save points, he can’t use the game message system, and he can't use the auction house or anything outside this closed game area. He’s truly on his own, no player support. Oh, he’s also stuck there till he finished this part of the quest.

Stay on the Wing (The Dark Herbalist Book #2)

After losing the warg shapeshifters, Timothy /Amra posts videos of him getting his rare flying mount, not realizing the can of worms he’s unleashing.  All manner of players start to complain that a newb like Arma got such a rare mount and they start to call for a boycott of the game. To pacify online mob, the game company arranges for a hunt of Arma in which an item may drop allowing the killer a chance at gaining control of the rare flying mount. However, if Arma can stay alive and keep the mount until the hunt is done, then he’ll get a permanent job and he can sell the mount for millions of credits. Let the great hunt begin!

Spawn Campers: A LitRPG Adventure (The Crucible Shard Book 2)

Castle Sardonis is surrounded by enemies on all sides and dangerously short of supplies. When a needed shipment goes missing the party finds themselves on the high seas beset by pirates and seeking the Goddess of the Sea. New loot, new levels, and new mysteries to unravel as more is learned about the world.

Immediately following the story from Dungeon Crawl the focus remains with the same group and focused on their struggles within the Crucible Shard. Bonds of friendship continue to grow but they each find themselves pushed in new ways by this world.