Score: 7 out of 10

Soul Linked: Origin: A LitRPG Epic

100,000 people from earth are transported to a RPG world created by a maniacal god who thinks he’s a great DM. They’re dropped into a lush valley with limited resources. When the amount of food available starts to dwindle they must move out of the valley into the more dangerous world of risk starvation. 12 people who’ve done most of the monster fighting go out to scout for a new place to everyone to live.

Survival aspects, big game mechanic is “Soul Link” which gives bonuses to stats but also shares damage between two people linked.

The Glitch Fiends (LitRPG): Part 1 (Hell's Glitch Book 2)

The virtual nightmare continues as Fulton Milner continues the dreaded life or death game known as Project DH. Milner has overhauled the systems of his death game right before opening a new area, the Stone Valley. In the Stone Valley there are vicious new enemies to face and a myriad of mysteries to uncover, but a new development has put game creator and player alike on edge, for something unnatural seems to have infiltrated Heimfall and brought a little hell into Milner's nightmarish game world.

Sam must fight his way through the valley and beyond if he ever wants to see his family again. Will his desire to survive lead him to his highly coveted freedom?

Back in the Game (Dream State Saga Book 2)

Back in the game is the sequel to Stuck in the Game, a LitRPG adventure.

Noah has survived his time trapped in the virtual reality of the Dream State game and his body is on the road to recovery. His mind, however, cannot put the past behind him, knowing the company that ruined his life has escaped justice. With the evidence he needs to convict them held on a Transfer Orb hidden in the Dream State, Noah returns to help his friends reclaim it. However, someone has already beaten him to the punch.

FranktheTank is a newbie. When he happens across the Transfer Orb, he sees it as a big payday, something to boost his skills to the next level. As he tries to sell it off to the highest bidder, he begins to realize that something more than his avatar’s status is at stake.

In order to push the evidence to the public, Noah and his allies race to find Frank before Wona does. Empowered by new weapons and magic, Noah and his friends fight through dungeons, monsters, and dragon nests, though only Noah knows what lengths Wona will resort to in order to keep its good name clean and its dark past a secret.

Can Noah fight the pull of the game to protect Wona’s victims?

The Dungeon's Child (The Slime Dungeon Chronicles Book 3)

As the dungeon town recovers from the attack of the Undead Dungeon, Doc and Claire improve the dungeon itself and create new traps and monsters for the adventurers to try and conquer. In the meantime malevolent forces outside the city put their plans into motion.

Soulstone: Skeleton King (World of Ruul Book 2)

When Aaron and his friends got sucked into the virtual reality game World of Ruul, they quickly realized the only way out would be to acquire all eight soulstones and beat the game.

Unfortunately, they’ve somehow managed to incur the wrath of the Skeleton King, an ancient warrior whose vengeance can only be quenched by blood and death.

Now, if they want to survive long enough to find those soulstones, they’ll have to find a way to stop him.

The Crystal Sphere (The Neuro Book #1) LitRPG Series

  • A novel set in the same real life universe as the Phantom Server series. This story is set before humanity had fully been moved into mega cities. You don’t have to have read the Phantom Server series to read this one but if you have you’ll get little references that will make you giggle.

The story of Alexatis, the first test subject of a revolutionary new neural interface. He’ll have to live in the fantasy VR game The Crystal Sphere as its first full immersion player and learn how to survive when he is one of the only players that can feel pain.

A Player in the Greenwood: A LitRPG Novella

This is the story of an inexperienced player hanging around a PVP zone in a fantasy VR MMO. He gets killed and is forced to give up his hard earned gear. At first he rage quits then he instead decides to roll a brand new ranger and become powerful enough to get his revenge against the unknown assailant and solve a mysterious easter egg quest.

Alpha World Book 1: Gamer for Life

Seamus is facing life in prison without parole. While doing his time he's given an option by the Department of Justice and the biggest virtual game maker around, Mindblown Entertainment. If he will help them test long term immersion he will get the chance to play the latest game from Mindblown, Alpha World. All he has to do is sign away his legal rights and sign an NDA.

Now exploring Alpha World, Seamus becomes the Summoner Alburet. Follow Alburet on his journey of exploration and questing in the latest game to hit the market. He will summon demons, befriend players and NPCs alike all while trying to find a little happiness in his life.

He's the first gamer to be sentenced to life imprisonment in a virtual world. What could go wrong?

Viridian Gate Online: Crimson Alliance

Three days ago, Jack Mitchel saved his life. By dying.

He dodged a world-ending bullet—in the form of an extinction-level asteroid cannonballing toward Earth—by successfully uploading his mind into the brand-new, ultra-immersive, fantasy-based VRMMORPG, Viridian Gate Online. Unfortunately, he’s also stumbled headlong into a secret conspiracy that will transform V.G.O. into a new feudal dark age.

Jack expected to live out his new fantasy life in peace, but now he and his misfit crew of rebels are the only ones preventing a tyrant emperor and his regime from taking power. Thankfully, everything isn’t quite as hopeless as it seems—Jack has a plan. Sort of. With only a handful of supporters, he’s going to get the jump on the bloodthirsty empire by snatching one of their key cities right from underneath their noses. In order to pull off the impossible, however, Jack’s going to have to develop his formidable Shadowmancer powers, raid some ridiculous dungeons, and make some shady allies—allies who may be more dangerous than the empire itself.

Potty Mouth (Caverns & Creatures short story)

In a world where everyone seems to be pissed off, sometimes the only thing you can do is try to piss on.

Join Cooper and the rest of the C&C gang as they fight tyranny the best way they know how... by being assholes.

The Beginning (Dark Paladin Book #1)

Is it easy to survive in the game world? You could say yes, if you didn’t know what the additional conditions were. They are unusual: it’s the real world in which you have lived all your life. The enemy, craving to destroy you. Your own class who couldn’t care less about you. Are you still sure that survival is easy? Then welcome to THE GAME! It will prove you wrong

The Trapped Mind Project (Emerilia Book 1)

Austin, the human CEO of asteroid mining company longs into the full immersion VR game Emerilia. There he becomes Dave, the half dwarf, a guy just looking to build a home and relax. Little does Dave know that the real world is actually a virtual prison created by Aliens to manage the rebellious human race and the Emerilia, is a reality forged with advanced tech to mimic early earth’s MMOs.

Growing Pains: The Proving Grounds

The massive virtual reality game The Proving Grounds had a bit of a rocky start, but with some outside help the developers got it under control.

But technological progress doesn’t wait for anyone and a new advance is already in the works: a form of input that builds on their standing devices and works via the players thoughts. Early tests were less than successful, which saw the device shelved early in production, but now a new test subject has been found…

An unconscious subject. Peter is a coma patient whose doctors heard about the device and reached out to the company in hopes of maybe getting a glimpse into his mind.

They got more. Much more. Peter has awoken to a new world, but a world he is unable to leave as he is still comatose on the outside. In the hopes of gathering more data and finding a way to help him, he’s let out into the world… with some oversight.

Unfortunately, nothing new comes without issues to resolve, and the timing couldn’t be worse as new problems spring up around them. But when the world is in danger and he is sent away for his own safety, Peter finds it hard to sit idle. After all, his friends and his new world, his only world, need the help.

You're in Game! LitRPG Stories from Bestselling Authors

This fast-paced collection of novellas and short stories from leading Russian LitRPG authors sheds new light on their signature worlds. New works by Vasily Mahanenko, Andrei Livadny, Alexey Osadchuk, Michael Atamanov, Pavel Kornev and Andrew Novak! Expect your favorite heroes to play second fiddle to an array of new main characters; once-minor plot lines to lead you in unexpected directions; familiar story events to take new surprising turns.

Soulstone: Awakening

Aaron Hope plays video games, like a lot, just not professionally. When he entered the EpiX! Games! PVP World Championship on a lark, this college senior never expected to make it to the final round, nor to get drugged and shoved into the alpha test for World of Ruul.

The premise for this virtual reality MMO is simple. Find all eight treasures scattered throughout the world before the maelstrom’s forces devour everything in sight. The only catch? You can’t log off, and if you die… well, let’s just say what happens in the game doesn’t stay in the game.

Oakshield Junction

Omnibus Collection of Strength Build and Dexterity Build.

Nick Stanners has no money. No job. No prospects. He lives in one of the most crime-ridden apartment blocks on the west coast. His girlfriend uses him for a place to stay. His father is on life support. Rent is due next week…

Games are Nick’s passion. He's played them all - well, the old screen ones anyway. He's never been able to afford an Immersion tank and the amazing games that come with them, but he's seen the webcasts. He knows the names of every superstar pixel runner. His heroes.

So when he's picked out of the crowd to participate in a competitive, quest-driven dark fantasy RPG, his brain melts. Could this be his opportunity to get ahead? Or will he be chewed up by the machine, just another failed pixel runner by the side of the road?

Legends of Tarthirious : Book One of Kylia's Story

In fear of an impending economic crisis, a drastic change in leadership and society occurs in Great Britain. The residents are told they're no longer citizens, that they have to earn that right by paying off their fair share of the national debt, but they don't have to rely solely on their jobs and careers for this gargantuan task. They can pay it off by playing Legends of Tarthirious, an MMORPG, and collecting resources and items in-game to convert into real life money.

The year is 2035, and Kylia Redmond has six short months to pay off her debt, but little does she know that her problems are going to become a whole lot worse.

The Way of the Outcast (Mirror World Book #3)

For the last two books, Olgerd has been stuck at level zero, because of the type of gaming account he has. He’d been trying to get enough reputation in the game world to secure a loan in the real world and finance his daughter’s surgery. Along the way, he’s been through adventures and gained some pretty cool skills and race based rewards. 

Now though Olgerd, your favorite daily grinder, is back. Only he’s now a player and a part of larger plan to unlock major content for the game by conquering no-man’s land...with a slingshot.

Viridian Gate Online: Cataclysm

If I had to describe Viridian Gate Online in one sentence it would be: A trapped in the game story with a hint of political intrigue. 

The story doesn’t spend much time in the ‘real world’ since it’s going to be destroyed by an asteroid. Instead it jumps right into Viridian Gate Online where Jack plans to upload his mind instead of dying on earth. When Jack or “Grim Jack” as his game character is called, logs into the game, he finds himself in a dungeon and has to escape with sneaky thief named cutter. Along the way he tries to save an old woman and is sent on a difficult game quest that will eventually help him establish his character class. 

Sigil Online: Paragons

Riley plays a superhero themed VRMMO, unfortunately he lost the game character he’d invested the last two years of his life building to a rare monster. Since a big feature of the game is permadeath, he has to create a new character and find some way to gain the elusive hero powers available in the game.