Kingdom Come: A LitRPG Dragonrider Adventure (The Archemi Online Chronicles Book 3)

As reward for stopping a serial killer and restoring the Kingdom of Vlachia to its rightful ruler, Dragozin Hector and his queen dragon, Karalti, have earned a noble title, a castle, and land of their own.

There’s only one problem – it’s occupied. By a freaking elder vampire.

Not only has the vampire unleashed the blight of undeath across the land, but Hector's nemesis is on the warpath. His mission? To steal Karalti, kill a god, and use their combined power to become the Insane God-Emperor of Archemi.

Hector never wanted to go back to war, not even in a video game. But now, he must fight to claim his territory from Ol’ Fangface before everything is taken from him - his dragon, his territory, and the woman he loves.


Trapped. Aker is playing a fully immersive virtual reality video game, called VampQuest, but he can’t quit and doesn’t remember his real life.

He starts to raise level and enjoy the perks of being a vampire in a game-world mostly full of humans when a rival guild attacks. The battle leaves Aker bitter and bent on revenge. He completes many missions that take him far from his guild’s base but vows to return and bring peace when he is strong enough.

Can Aker defeat his enemies? Will he ever escape from VampQuest?

RE: Alternative World Online: Volume 1 (RE:Alternative World Online)

Yun Shi, a postgraduate IT student, didn't manage to score a single job after graduating. After sinking into depression, he became a NEET, and spent two years playing online games and living off of what little savings he had. That is, right until the day the first VRMMO, RE: AWO launched and his world was flipped over.

The Sleeper Must Awaken (The Twenty-Sided Eye Series Book 3)

Joe has the power. The question is, can he hold on to it?

The malevolent kingdom of the night is now aware of his presence. A confrontation is guaranteed, just as Rook intended.

Joe provides freedom to the oppressed and enslaved. They flock to his banner. His nine-to-five job is gone forever, for a ruler of a kingdom never sleeps.

He believes this magical world is a game designed for fun, with no real consequences, but he couldn't be more wrong. His AI partner is starting to see this new reality for what it is.

Will Joe, in his ignorance, continue to defeat every opponent? Or, in order to survive, must he be awakened?

Someone's going to die the final death, there's no way around that. Only who?

Monster Core

Dominic Thompson becomes an infernal dungeon core and is given one task: make his dungeon renowned throughout the world by killing adventurers in the most gruesome ways possible.

With this new power, he infuses his soul with a Tainted Elf avatar so he can walk among mortals. To become the greatest, he must make the other dungeon cores submit to him. And that means shattering their jeweled hearts.

Or seducing their avatars.

Lucky for Dom, the dungeon’s avatars are beautiful monster girls. But they’re also the fiercest warriors in the realms, and there’s a fine line between murder and seduction.

This dungeon core story contains light LitRPG and harem elements.

Nightworld: A LitRPG adventure

Derek is an old school gamer and refuses to play in the increasingly popular virtual world.

One stormy day with nothing to do, his sister talks him into trying the online horror role playing game Night World for one hour. He agrees but when Derek goes to log out and discovers that he can’t.

Now he’s trapped in a world not his own with new rules and stranger sights and threats to be discovered. He must learn how to play and more importantly who to trust as he looks for a way out.

Welcome to Night World.

A Trap for the Potentate (The Dark Herbalist Book #3) LitRPG series

The great hunt is over. In the end, Timothy managed to keep his invaluable prize. A victory? Perhaps. But glory and adrenaline are very powerful narcotics, and tolerance builds quickly. Once deprived of them, life immediately becomes gray and bleak. What’s more, his beautiful lover (to be more accurate, both of them) is beginning to transparently hint that she could find herself a more interesting beau.

What is a talented player to do in this case? The solution suggests itself: rush headlong into the most dangerous adventures, taking risks and walking the blade of a knife. Timothy must do everything in his power to survive in places where making a clean escape is entirely impossible, delighting the viewers with his utterly unique playing style and proving decisively to his lady (to be more accurate both of them), that his previous success was no mere coincidence.

Will it be hard?


But old reliable friends are still by his side, and that means victory is possible!

Mira & Zoro: Stuck in a Game World? (Vampire Wrath and Incubus Issues): A LitRPG/Fantasy Fun

Everything's a game. Why not play around with a million lives?

Mira Flask was in the middle of a grand experiment - With the help of the greatest Virtual Reality Game 'HAIL' in history, where one could feel, hear and explore more worlds than they ever imagined, Mira planned to use the power of games to create a human revolution! The way of learning will never be the same! Now if only her brother could stop playing around and keep it in his pants!

Zoro Flask just wanted to play hard and party harder. His sister was serious enough for the both of them - someone had to loosen up! Doesn't the great family business need heirs or something?

Life would have been normal - kill brothers and bug sisters and try not to think about the hard things anymore. The siblings have been through too much to care. As long as they had each other, then that was enough. HAIL was going to be Mira's lastest obsession, her legacy.

Until a so-called Game God sucked them into HAIL and a million other people whose "talents" he felt worthy enough to plug into his own experiment. Strength, Beauty, Medicine. Dancing, Math, Crafting Origami - whatever was a 'talent' was used to select his chosen ones. To test the limit.

Suddenly, Mira and Zoro are forced to play hard just to survive and try to reunite. Well...

If Mira could stop getting targeted by ogres and idiots. "I'm not a hero!"

If Zoro could stop crying in a corner. "I can't believe I'm an incubus. W-Wait. You want me to WHAT?"

If the Game God would stop messing around. "Hehehe. Now this is interesting...I should talk to the king."

Between a strange orgy- erm, team of a succubus, a dark knight, and a mage latched onto the pathetic incubus...and crazy serial killers and - again, what's with ogres! - plaguing a certain Mulan vampiress, the siblings keep meeting more and more weirdos.

City of Champions Online: Issue I: Origin Stories

Having found the tragic truth that an art degree is worth less than the paper it is printed on, Jacquelyn Jones is frustrated with her dead end work as a graphic designer for a marketing firm, finding new ways to try and convince people that this week's 50 cent off sale is actually worth driving to the store. She's tried other VRMMORPGs, but they've all been fantasy-based, with a couple sci-fi games thrown in. But she wants something more, something Super.

Superhero VRMMOs have had a... subpar reception in the past, in part due to the fact that the nature of most MMOs makes for fairly unheroic tales. After the couple hundredth time blasting the same group of mooks from the same faction on the same street corner of the same city, using the same powerset as everyone else because you only have a few options, it is hard to think of yourself as a hero anymore.

But then she heard about City of Champions Online. For the first time, a developer partnered with a tabletop RPG maker to use their system to create a VRMMORPG, and it was one of the systems designed to be used with superhero games! And despite the name, there was no getting stuck in the same city as all the other players. The game world was a detailed replica of the real world, down to having some of the same shops and restaurants in town. She could be whoever she wanted, whatever she wanted.

Now, she just has to find a way to become the heroine she's always wanted to be.