Trapped. Aker is playing a fully immersive virtual reality video game, called VampQuest, but he can’t quit and doesn’t remember his real life.

He starts to raise level and enjoy the perks of being a vampire in a game-world mostly full of humans when a rival guild attacks. The battle leaves Aker bitter and bent on revenge. He completes many missions that take him far from his guild’s base but vows to return and bring peace when he is strong enough.

Can Aker defeat his enemies? Will he ever escape from VampQuest?

My Opinion: 144 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is a trapped in the game story where the main character (MC) also has amnesia and is turned into a vampire with in the first few minutes of him arriving in the RPG game world.

Now, I was honestly kind of intrigued by the idea of a LitRPG vampire story. I’ve played some really great vampire RPG games like: Vampire the Masquerade or Vampyr. Those games tell some great stories because they combine great world building with interesting settings, and the inherent moral conflict of taking human life to to live. That plus some of those RPG vampire powers are just cool and you can get lost in the various builds.

Disappointingly, this novel is nothing like those games. Instead, this is a more bland and predictable MMO story where the MC follows a  series of chain quests. The MC himself is unremarkable, and doesn’t remember anything about his life, yet insists that he wants to be a goodie two-shoes vampire and protect all the humans from bad vampires.

This is not a bad story but it also doesn't feel special. It doesn't take advantage of the modern setting, or the vampire aspect. It is not bad. I mean dialogue is stilted in the beginning but by the 30% that gets better. It’s just sort of meh.

Overall, even with the cyberpunk ending, I was never really engaged with the story. It reminded me of a bland MMO that I wouldn’t re-subscribe to after the first month.

Score: 5 out of 10