Legend of the Sword Bearer: Tempest Chronicles Book 1


Steve’s days are numbered.

The illness has consumed him.

Would this stranger’s offer give him a second chance?

It looks like a game. Looks can be deceiving. Paul Nelson, the CEO of Tempest Inc, has developed another world and he’s ready to send in another consciousness. This time, though, things are different. Those that came before have caused some troubles and his world is in peril.

For Steve, it’s a last chance. He’s got nothing to lose. And who knows, it might be fun?

As a warrior named Abalonious, his body gone, Steve must adapt, learn, and grow to survive. But this world isn’t exactly as advertised. There’s a darkness coming. It looks like fun will have to wait.

And there’s a secret nobody wants to talk about.

Will Steve piece together enough to live?

If you like unforgettable fantasy heroes, pop culture references, epic battles, and immersive gaming worlds, then you’ll love this LitRPG adventure.

My Opinion: 324 pages, $5.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

The story starts out pretty good. Nice familiar RPG system, levels, stats, character creation, item and ability descriptions. The story itself is slice of life with the main character (MC) being sent to this fantasy RPG game world where he goes on adventures, gets some simple quests, and gets enough XP to hit level 3.

However, the story shifts about the 35% mark. The entire RPG progression system disappears and you never see the MC gain another level again. No more monster levels, no more player levels, nothing. There are still some notifications that show up but the RPG progression system is completely abandoned. Instead, the story shifts to a fantasy story where the MC is the chosen one, the sword bearer, destined to help beat back the necromancers who want to destroy the world. The story also becomes very wand wavy, with the MC gaining a lot of power that he doesn’t earn, being saved by outside forces instead of saving himself, and for some reason he gets knocked out a lot by bad guys but never killed by them.

Overall, I honestly got bored after the 35% mark. It feels like after that point the author just got tired of tracking RPG progression and gave up on that aspect of the story and instead went back to writing fantasy with some occasional quest or item notifications thrown in.

Score: 5 out of 10

Legend of the Sword Bearer: Tempest Chronicles Book 1