RE: Alternative World Online: Volume 1 (RE:Alternative World Online)


Yun Shi, a postgraduate IT student, didn't manage to score a single job after graduating. After sinking into depression, he became a NEET, and spent two years playing online games and living off of what little savings he had. That is, right until the day the first VRMMO, RE: AWO launched and his world was flipped over.

My Opinion: 307 pages, $2.99, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

This story feels like it may be a translated novel or web series. It starts off with a very familiar trapped in the game premise but by the 6% mark becomes its own story. The most unique aspect of the story is that the main character (MC) eventually gets a unique race, vampire, and goes on this kind of slice of life adventure on these vampire/supernatural themed questlines. He doesn’t always make choices that are the good guy ones either. I would not have guessed that’s where the story was going based on the Cover or novel title. While it’s not without its flaws with some grammar issues, slightly overshown stat sheets it is also very crunchy with RPG info and has interesting stories. Maybe it was the low expectations that I had for the novel, but it was surprisingly entertaining.

Score: 7.3 out of 10

RE: Alternative World Online: Volume 1 (RE:Alternative World Online)