Mira & Zoro: Stuck in a Game World? (Vampire Wrath and Incubus Issues): A LitRPG/Fantasy Fun


Everything's a game. Why not play around with a million lives?

Mira Flask was in the middle of a grand experiment - With the help of the greatest Virtual Reality Game 'HAIL' in history, where one could feel, hear and explore more worlds than they ever imagined, Mira planned to use the power of games to create a human revolution! The way of learning will never be the same! Now if only her brother could stop playing around and keep it in his pants!

Zoro Flask just wanted to play hard and party harder. His sister was serious enough for the both of them - someone had to loosen up! Doesn't the great family business need heirs or something?

Life would have been normal - kill brothers and bug sisters and try not to think about the hard things anymore. The siblings have been through too much to care. As long as they had each other, then that was enough. HAIL was going to be Mira's lastest obsession, her legacy.

Until a so-called Game God sucked them into HAIL and a million other people whose "talents" he felt worthy enough to plug into his own experiment. Strength, Beauty, Medicine. Dancing, Math, Crafting Origami - whatever was a 'talent' was used to select his chosen ones. To test the limit.

Suddenly, Mira and Zoro are forced to play hard just to survive and try to reunite. Well...

If Mira could stop getting targeted by ogres and idiots. "I'm not a hero!"

If Zoro could stop crying in a corner. "I can't believe I'm an incubus. W-Wait. You want me to WHAT?"

If the Game God would stop messing around. "Hehehe. Now this is interesting...I should talk to the king."

Between a strange orgy- erm, team of a succubus, a dark knight, and a mage latched onto the pathetic incubus...and crazy serial killers and - again, what's with ogres! - plaguing a certain Mulan vampiress, the siblings keep meeting more and more weirdos.


My Opinion: 142 pages, $2.99, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

I really liked the first 12% of the story. The overworked overbearing sister trying to get her rich brother to be responsible while she plays a new VR game for research. Nice idea. I can overlook the grammar and spelling issue in this section because it's interesting.

However, after the 12% mark when the two are just randomly teleported to a game world and transformed into their game characters, things fall apart and the story loses coherency and my interest. As a fantasy story, this would be fine. But it's listed as LitRPG which implies some RPG game mechanics and character progression along those lines. The extent that that exists here are the couple of character sheets shown and a couple of levels gained. Everything else is essentially portal fantasy with a video game theme.

At the time of this review the story is $2.99 and not available on KU. It's honestly not worth the price.

Score: 5 out of 10

Mira & Zoro: Stuck in a Game World? (Vampire Wrath and Incubus Issues): A LitRPG/Fantasy Fun