Lewd Shadowmancer: The Concubine Contract


Warning: The tale you are about to read is a story of sexual creatures, human or otherwise. This tale is for adults 18 and up.

Can becoming the villain change who you are?

Nathan's life has been a vile pit for longer then he would like to admit. Searching for an escape, he spends the last of his cash on a VR game called Lewd Saga.

Lewd Saga is a Virtual MMORPG, based in the fantasy world of Lukken, home of dragon royalty, human kingdoms and troll masters. Players quest, grow their abilities, join in great battles and find love and lust in whatever form they desire. There is no taboo too great or too intimate.

Upon entering the VR world, the player soon discovers he doesn't have to live by society's rules any longer. He quickly realizes players will pay real money to exact revenge on other players. Nathan, who feels like life took everything from him, can now carve out his destiny and make those who ever crossed him know his dark power.

Will Nathan succumb to his darkness when there are greater evils trying to infect the virtual fantasy world? Will the love of another breath life into his cynical heart? Will he question if he is the true villain, or something else?


My Opinion: 270 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Warning: the novel contains graphic sex scenes.

The first 6% of the novel are the ‘woe is me’ part of the story where the main character has a pity party for himself after getting himself fired and is determined to get his revenge in the online world.

He creates a troll shadowmancer and is determined to find each of his ex-employees and his former jerk boss and make their lives miserable in this fantasy VR game.


Some people will have a problem with the graphic sex scenes in the story. I don’t. I just skip those parts. The biggest problem I have with the story is the lack of logic especially the gaming side of things.

For example, early in the VR story part, with a freshly created character, the main character (MC) enters a PVP zone, and sees a group of knights and paladins defeat their opponents. He even hears the group of higher leveled players brag about the expensive and powerful gear they have. Yet, somehow, the MC with his starter dagger and the lone surviving unarmed catwoman are able to defeat the entire group without dying. Then moments later when a backup group of archers almost kills the MC, he’s magically saved by a group of wraiths. Why? Just because.

Sure the knights had taken off their armor but it still doesn’t justify the scene. The logic that a level 1 character with just his starter knife could defeat higher level players with expensive PVP gear just doesn’t make game sense. The save afterward by the undead wraiths makes even less sense.

This type of magic wand waving occurs repeatedly in the story. Though there are character sheets, stats, item descriptions, and more detailed RPG mechanics. It all seems to mean nothing if the MC needs sudden saving.  

Overall, apart from the game mechanic and logic issues, the story isn’t bad. It’s a tale of revenge with themes of digital addiction and corruption. But the semi regular magic saves, even till the very end of the story, just made this hard to read. If you like graphic sex scenes with your LitRPG, you might enjoy this novel and the series in general. However, don’t expect the game stuff to make sense and be prepared for magic wand waving in the story.

The story on it’s own get a 6 out of 10. The game side of things gets a 4 out of 10. So for an overall review

Score: 5 out of 10

Lewd Shadowmancer: The Concubine Contract: A Dark Fantasy Digital Adventure