Nightworld: A LitRPG adventure


Derek is an old school gamer and refuses to play in the increasingly popular virtual world.

One stormy day with nothing to do, his sister talks him into trying the online horror role playing game Night World for one hour. He agrees but when Derek goes to log out and discovers that he can’t.

Now he’s trapped in a world not his own with new rules and stranger sights and threats to be discovered. He must learn how to play and more importantly who to trust as he looks for a way out.

Welcome to Night World.


My Opinion: 94 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited


At less than 100 pages, it’s really overpriced at $2.99.

A teen gets trapped in a VR game after his little sister blackmails him into playing even though he’s afraid of VR. What follows is are meandering slice of life adventures with little to no connections. It kind of feels like a series of even shorter stories that were stuck together. Some adventures are decent and have interesting fights, but as a whole story it just feels like the main character (MC) pops from place to place without rhyme or reason.

The one interesting aspect of the story is that because the MC is stuck in the game during server downtime (which honestly doesn’t make sense, being that the server should be off), he can steal and do whatever he wants. Though there may be some mad players when the server comes back online. Unfortunately, this is only used once in this story and ends up being more of an excuse to make the level 2 vampire seriously overpowered. I mean, seriously. He steals some level 25 armor that makes him immune to damage.

Overall, while there were some interesting aspects to the story, it just failed to entertain. The main character goes from whiny coward to overpowered and unkillable in an instant. It felt like the MC never earned his rewards and that there were no stakes to the ‘stuck in the game’ aspect. That coupled with the meandering story, just left me a bit bored.

Score: 5 out of 10

Nightworld: A LitRPG adventure