A Trap for the Potentate (The Dark Herbalist Book #3) LitRPG series


The great hunt is over. In the end, Timothy managed to keep his invaluable prize. A victory? Perhaps. But glory and adrenaline are very powerful narcotics, and tolerance builds quickly. Once deprived of them, life immediately becomes gray and bleak. What’s more, his beautiful lover (to be more accurate, both of them) is beginning to transparently hint that she could find herself a more interesting beau.

What is a talented player to do in this case? The solution suggests itself: rush headlong into the most dangerous adventures, taking risks and walking the blade of a knife. Timothy must do everything in his power to survive in places where making a clean escape is entirely impossible, delighting the viewers with his utterly unique playing style and proving decisively to his lady (to be more accurate both of them), that his previous success was no mere coincidence.

Will it be hard?


But old reliable friends are still by his side, and that means victory is possible!


My Opinion: 291 pages, $5.99, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

All I have to say is, “Woah!”. This is easily the best novel in the series so far.

Book 1 in the series felt fresh and interesting with it’s non-human main character and unusual combination of class as an herbalist. The main character (MC) was forced to think and solve problems in a very unique way. He needed allies to help shore up his deficiencies and it was that clever problem solving that made him a unique character.

Book 2 felt like it drifted away from that a little and focused more on straight combat and action. Not bad but not what I loved about book 1.

Book 3 returns to those great out of the box problem solving skills and outside of a few large battles there’s almost no combat in the story. Instead, each problem or plot thread is resolved in other creative ways. I really loved seeing our goblin hero figure out the solutions to problems, whether they be IRL or in game.

I won’t spoil any of the great plot twists in the story (there are some really good ones) but there were multiple instances where I ended up saying to myself, “Oh, that’s cool! I didn’t see things going that way.”

There are a couple places where there’s some magic wand waving to move the plot in a specific direction but the resulting stories were so interesting I didn’t mind.

Overall, a great read. Even if you didn’t pick up book 2 in the series you can still read book 3. It does a good job of recapping things.

Score: 8 out of 10

A Trap for the Potentate (The Dark Herbalist Book #3) LitRPG series