Dungeon Crisis: A LitRPG Dungeon Core Adventure (Glendaria Awakens Trilogy Book 2)


When Krista and Devin first started playing Glendaria Awakens, they had no idea that they would end up in charge of operating a dungeon. Now, after leveling up, they have a crisis on their hands.

A new item, a Dungeon Core, is now the target of every guild in the game. If the Core is stolen and kept away for a length of time, they will cease to exist. Devin must find enough powerful monsters to put into the dungeon while Krista has to build the perfect floor to keep them away from their only hope of surviving.

All of this and they have to try to co-exist with their new guardian.


My Opinion: 157 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is a dungeon master story. The two people trapped in the game must use their skills to build and run a dungeon  and defeat the hordes of players looking to take their dungeon core.

The first half of the novel is completely preparation as Krista and Devin create new dungeon levels, plan out new traps, lure in monsters, and experiment with new monster placements and monster hybrid creations. Lots of cool dungeon building stuff.

The last half of the novel is the dungeon being run by a variety groups with a various degrees of success.

There’s a love triangle thing going on between the two trapped people who grew up together and the newly released guardian, a hot chesty witch with a major case of crazy. However, other than that variation there’s not much more to the novel.

If you like dungeon master stories, this is a fun read.

Score: 7 out of 10

Dungeon Crisis: A LitRPG Dungeon Core Adventure (Glendaria Awakens Trilogy Book 2)