Rise of the Necromancer: A LitRPG Series


Cast spells, have fun, bring the dead back to life. Being a necromancer has its perks.

Jakub Russo recently graduated from the Queen's Academy of Magic. He is a necromancer - a wizard who can bring the dead back to life - and he's still trying to prove himself.

Disaster strikes while he and his friends are traveling through a desert, and he wakes up alone in a land where danger lurks in every shadow. Using his necromancy magic and survival grit, he needs to save his friends and get to safety.

Can he pull off this impossible rescue when he finds himself up against a band of not-so-nice slavers, ridiculously giant insects, and an old warrior bear looking for revenge?

Well, if a necromancer can't cheat death then nobody can.

My Opinion: 255 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

The first half of the novel is a bit of a departure from the series. It kind of starts over, with the MC fleeing his home country on a desert caravan. Only a good portion of that story is told from the caravan leaders perspective. Only after a huge dust storm separates the the Mc from the group do you get his POV.

The MC only casts a few necromancer spells in the first half of the story as it focuses on him surviving in the harsh desert. The other POV now shifting between the MC and the slavers that captured the rest of the caravan.

Till about mid story, I was kind of bored. There's no real action and no RPG progression besides a few words about the MC gaining small experience from casting those few spells. Plainly put, I was a bit bored for the 1st half of the story.

The action picks up a little after that as the MC comes into contact with the slavers.  But there are other POVs: The various prisoners, the slavers, a hunter, a bear. So many that the MC is actually the minority story and his mainly focuses on him surviving the desert. 

There is a minor amount of RPG progression with the MC gaining experience for using his spells and he does level up once in the story. So it is still technically LitRPG but that aspect is not a big part of the story.

Overall, the story isn't poorly written and there's nice character development for secondary characters, and a couple good action scenes. However, this novel felt like it was only minorly about the necromancer I came to read about and overall I was just bored.

Score: 5 out of 10

Rise of the Necromancer: A LitRPG Series