Path of the Necromancer Book 1 (A LootRPG Series)


They say that death is the end. That isn't true if you're a necromancer...

When Jakub graduates from the Queen's magic academy as a necromancer, he earns a license to raise things from the dead. His instructors believe that his dark childhood makes him too dangerous to be a necromancer, and some didn't want him to graduate. Jakub will do anything to prove them wrong.

His first mission is to recover the corpse of a traitor, resurrect him,and find out what secrets he told their enemy. He knows he's in deep when he learns that the traitor's body is missing, and worse- he isn't the only person looking for it. Mages, necromancers, cannibals, and warriors all stand in his way as he fights to find the truth.

Trapped in a deadly land and surrounded by hostiles, Jakub will have to scavenge weapons and loot from the enemies he kills, learn new necromancy spells, and use them in ways other necromancers have never dreamed of.

My Opinion: 246 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

An entertaining read that creates a very interesting culture around being a necromancer.

The story leans a bit more towards fantasy than LitRPG. The story revolves around a fantasy world where necromancy is part of a particular nation’s culture and is no different than being a blacksmith or soldier. The MC is sent by his government as a new necromancer with his mentor to recover the body of a traitor to see what info he sold to the government’s enemies. Of course, things don't go as planned.

The author does a good job of world building and makes both the necromancer and the Killeshi groups feel culturally well fleshed out. The story itself is well written with good adventure elements and clear goals for the MC. The author does a good job of showing the antagonists POV and giving enough backstory that they're not one dimensional villains, but more complex and even relatable to a degree.

The RPG stuff is not the main focus of the story but is a consistent element and is used to describe how the MC grows in power. The MC increases his necromancer powers by gathering energy from the dead and using that energy to fuel his spells, for which he gains necromancy XP which eventually raises his level and gives him access to more potent spells. There are also spell and item descriptions.

Even though the end of the story felt a little rushed in how it was resolved, overall it's an entertaining read.

Score: 7.6 out of 10

Path of the Necromancer Book 1 (A LootRPG Series)