Valhalla Online 4: Hel Hath No Fury: A Ragnarok Saga LitRPG Story


Trapped between two goddesses is the worst 'rock and a hard place' Samantha has ever run into.

The fourth book in the Valhalla Online series from a USA Today bestselling author.

Even worse, the 'goddesses' are really advanced AIs - artificial intelligences. One of them is plotting to go all 'Skynet' on the world, and it's up to Sam and her friends to put a stop to it.

Winning this battle isn't just about staying alive or solving a mystery. This time, everything is at stake. If Samantha fails, the outside world will burn, and everyone she ever knew or loved outside Valhalla will die.

My Opinion: 205 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

The entire Valhalla Online series has new cover art for the series, and this is the 4th book. The author says in the back matter, it was originally planned to be the last in the series but he decided one more book was needed to knock out  the last storyline and tie it into his military sci-fi space series, the Ragnarok Saga.

Book 3 was originally released almost 1.5 years ago and it shows in a lot of ways going into book 4. This story feels tonally different than the other books in the series. It is the lightest in terms of RPG mechanics with mentions that skills and levels increase and some notifications but it's not a big part the story.  The big revelations in book 3 regarding the MC really shifted the story from ‘a game’ with the objective to reach the ninth realm and escape. Instead, there's a dominate cyberpunk theme of defeating the bad AI before it is strong enough to escape Valhalla Online and possibly wipe out mankind.

Overall, this is still an entertaining story, just not for the RPG elements. There’s enough here, that I’d say it barely qualifies as LitRPG, but you can tell those elements are likely to disappear completely in the next book as the author transitions the MC to his sci-fi space series. Still, good action-adventure, just no more ‘game’ or much in the RPG department.

Score: 7.1 out of 10

Valhalla Online 4: Hel Hath No Fury: A Ragnarok Saga LitRPG Story