Steel Orc: Player Reborn (A LitRPG Adventure)


When Tripp Keaton wakes up, he discovers that he is an orc. An orc in a strange world, with the skeletons of humongous beasts scattered around him.

This isn’t a normal morning.

Deep in the world of an online game, Tripp finds himself alone, weaponless, and with nobody to call a friend. Worse, the game’s god-like controller has taken an interest in him, and that interest manifests itself in cruel ways.

If he is to survive, he has to learn how to craft legendary weapons and find allies to fight with him. He must battle his way through a labyrinth of monsters and traps, while surviving wave upon wave of creatures unleashed into the land of Godden’s Reach.

It isn’t enough to make a sword. When the metal cools, he must learn how to weave magic into it.

My Opinion: 564 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

The start of this story is just confusing and it bounces around until about the 15% mark when the varying story threads merge together and make more sense. Still, a hard start to the story.

At its core, this is a slice of life adventure story with an Orc MC and some good crafting. There are some minor cyberpunk themes with the ruling A.I. becoming too broken and the game makers making a deal with it that impact the MC, but that comes into play more late story. The big draw is going to be the crafting focus in the middle with a crafting dungeon, and the big game event at the end of the story that combines several neat story elements. If you can make it past the beginning of the story, I think you may find something enjoyable here.

Score: 7.6 out of 10

Steel Orc: Player Reborn (A LitRPG Adventure)