Office Wars: Lab Coats Optional


Bran wakes in Neuroma, but has no idea what happened the previous night. He continues to progress through Office Wars while secrets start unraveling everything he thought he knew. Some secrets could destroy everything, while others open new paths. What future path will Bran's secrets reveal?

Vicky returns, but is she who Bran thought she was?

Plenty of laughs, more introspection, and a conclusion to this season of Office Wars inside. Do not worry, you will see Bran and friends in future series. All Odditek Online series operate in the same multiverse, you might even get a few hints at other stories that I'm writing or have written.


My Opinion: 295 pages, $3.99, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

This third book wraps up this arc in the series. There’s still the same good humor and dungeon crawl for the Office Wars game, but I’ll admit that the ‘Office Wars’ part got a little repetitive. I felt like I’d read about the mazes, traps, monsters, and bosses already in the other books. Thankfully, the Office Space style of humor eventually returns towards the end of the book. That and the other parts of the story, the sci-fi/cyberpunk parts that reveal the larger world felt fresh and the entire series wrapped up rather well.

Score: 7.1 out of 10  

Office Wars: Lab Coats Optional