Andrew Novak

You're in Game! Book #2 (Моre LitRPG stories set in your favorite worlds)

Would you like to know what happened to some of the heroes of your favorite LitRPGs?

What about Gnat, the wayward hero of Reality Benders? Would he manage to return to Earth from his adventurous travels?

Would you like to go back to Barliona and take a peek at the game through the eyes of its new protagonists? Plenty of laughs and intrigue guaranteed!

Can you refuse the offer of completing a complex quest in Alterra? How do you feel about doing that?

Or going back to the Crystal Sphere, to face the chilling breath of a powerful Neuro and survive?

Also, don’t forget that Olgerd and his friends await you in Mirror World! They’re counting on your help.

All this and much more - tales from bestselling authors as well as LitRPG newcomers whose first books have already become Russia’ new sensations - in our latest anthology combining the best of our stories to date!

On the Lost Continent (AlterGame Book #2) LitRPG Series

Jack thought his greatest challenge would be reaching the shores of the lost continent, then the perks and loot would just roll in. It so happened that a hail of unexpected gifts from Fate rained down on him, like water from a leaky bucket. But Fate is a sneaky thing. Its gifts can just as easily pummel you to death. Now Jack is a fugitive, pariah, the living dead. And that's just in reality. In the game, the Gods themselves have turned against him.

However, the Gods still don't know who they're messing with.

The First Player (AlterGame Book #1)

n the far future, the world has suffered a major catastrophe, plunging it into ruin. In this post-apocalyptic future, a small part of the population, the Alphas, lives behind an impenetrable barrier in a healthy, wealthy, advanced city. Everyone else, the Omegas, have to try and survive in the ravaged, mutated, resource scarce wasteland that is the rest of the world. However, everyone plays the same virtual reality game, Alterra.

When ultimate wanderer and survivor, Jack, finds the remains of an old console he logs into the game under the user's old account and is thrust into a set of quests that could bring him fame and fortune. If he survives being hunted by greedy guilds, relic hunters, and cruel necromancers.

You're in Game! LitRPG Stories from Bestselling Authors

This fast-paced collection of novellas and short stories from leading Russian LitRPG authors sheds new light on their signature worlds. New works by Vasily Mahanenko, Andrei Livadny, Alexey Osadchuk, Michael Atamanov, Pavel Kornev and Andrew Novak! Expect your favorite heroes to play second fiddle to an array of new main characters; once-minor plot lines to lead you in unexpected directions; familiar story events to take new surprising turns.