Blasphemy Online Volume 1: Dragon Hack


Richard Royal has a hard life.

He lives in a corrupt, church-controlled dystopia, his family is soon broken, and the only joy to be had comes from the escapism of his full-immersion gaming.

Introduced to a new and very illegal game, he finds himself in the body of a dragon, on a quest to find a dark and evil power to serve. But the game is more than it seems, and the dragon is more than a beast. Soon Rich's life is far, far more complicated than he ever expected. And the threats against him grow, both in-game and in realspace.

There is no path that will not lead to blasphemy. And the dark secrets revealed will change two worlds, before all is done...

A new litrpg saga, set in Threadbare's world of Generica Online.

My Opinion: 379 pages, $4.99, Not Available On Kindle Unlimited

This is another story set in the Threadbare Universe, but told from the perspective of the players. So in a lot of ways it feels totally different than that series. You will recognize the game elements if you’ve read that series but if not, this does a good job of explaining things. 

The story is also much darker than anything I’ve read from the author, especially the dystopian real life part. It’s so harsh that the author has several disclaimers that he’s not poking fun at any real religion or group. It’s also a bit more of slow burn with a lot of character development in the firs part of the novel, but the main character (MC) is in the game world by the 11% mark. 

Once in the game world, the system will feel familiar to anyone that’s read the Threadbare or Small Medium series. It actually expands on many RPG elements giving you more notifications, class and race abilities, and player only aspects that you wouldn’t have seen before. It’s all very nicely thought out and is explained very naturally. 

There are several aspects to the story and how the MC explores the game world while it seemingly explores him that I enjoyed. I won’t spoil things, but it’s a neat exploration. The in-game time is a bit slice of life, but always relates back to the dark real world. 

Overall, I liked the novel. It’s a bit different and darker than what the other’s written before and some people will find elements of dystopian real world a little controversial. But it’s an entertaining read.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Blasphemy Online Volume 1: Dragon Hack