NPC Lives 1: Tales from the Dead Man Inn

Tales from the Dead Man Inn is an anthology set in Alpha World. These collected stories cover well known and loved characters, as well as some lesser seen NPCs.

Into the Deadlands: Alistern, Grimgar, Almira, Stewart, and Flora take their first trip into the sands. The longest story in the anthology, and a harrowing tale of heroics.

Lilith’s History: How did Lilith come to be with Alistern and raise five wonderful daughters? 

Bob’s Tale: Everyone’s favorite Imp is featured in this story.

Stewart’s Upbringing: How does a Half-blood Infernal grow up in a city that despises his kind?

Erin’s Story: How does the barmaid come to love a noble’s son? A story of love and acceptance.

Deirdre’s Story: What is one to do when her sister’s are finding love? Find her own, of course.

Marian’s Story: With the other three sisters having found love, Marian yearns to find her own soulmate.

Demon Lord’s Armor: The tale of how the infamous Demon Lord Armor set was created.

Skippy’s Tale: Simmer down, we know most people hate him. Understand him so you can hate him even more. 

Bob’s Tale Part two: Bob is back with more story to dig into.

Magiblood: The story of Rolland and Kim, never before seen anywhere.

I hope you will enjoy reading these stories as much as I did writing them.

The Idle System (A LitRPG series Book 3): The Birth

Running away is never the answer.

After escaping from the Rogue Sect, John and Sarah find something new about each other. They're both Siders. Their path of loneliness will now take a turn, finding new allies in the most unexpected of places.

But good things come hand-in-hand with the bad.

Elder Han and his son are not willing to give up their chase. Chris's obsession over possessing Sarah's body for himself is not to be taken lightly. Nor is his father's.

Fight or flight, it's now their choice.

Join John and Sarah in a new issue of The Idle System to find out what happens next!

Hunter's Choice: A LitRPG Adventure (Apex Chronicles Book 2)

It's only been a couple of weeks since Arheis and his friends took down the Nepondus Queen and already they're starved for work. If they want to test their new skills and grow stronger, Arheis knows they'll have to get out of their comfort zone and leave the tutorial area behind.

Following a lead that could help them destroy more beast-frenzying crystals, Arheis and his companions make their way to Iskaral. Little do they know a dangerous beast lurks in the caverns beneath the city, gorging itself on those same crystals, threatening the lives of those above.

And this creature is just the beginning of their troubles. The world of Estalia is ever-evolving and Arheis is starting to believe it's more than just a game. When push comes to shove, he'll have to let go of the world he knows and exist in the moment.

His friends' lives may very well depend on it.

Hunter's Bond: Apex Chronicles Book 1

When Simon immerses himself in the game world of Apex as Arheis the Guardian, he finds a living, breathing ecosystem that feels more real than anything he’s ever experienced before. The creatures that inhabit Apex are cunning, ferocious, and a massive challenge for even the most experienced hunter.

In order to rank up in the Hunters’ Guild and participate in the most prestigious hunts, Simon will have to slay increasingly more threatening creatures and use what he gathers to craft powerful armor and weapons.

But a fearsome beast stalks the jungle, untouchable even by the Guild. To have any hope of stopping her, Simon won’t just have to level up and hone his skills--he’ll have to put his trust in his fellow hunters.

And for a lifelong soloer, that’s no easy feat…

I Am Gamer

Lawrence is having a shitty day. His girlfriend is not only cheating on him but she’s cheating on him with his best friend. He had the added benefit of finding out about it firsthand. To make matters worse a legendary Native American God has sent him back to North America circa 1400 AD. What’s a Gamer to do?

From the creator of the hilarious Eryth Online and the action packed Warrior Academy series comes I AM GAMER!

This is the first book in a series that will span continents. Join our hero on his journey to unify the Americas and fight back against its foreign invaders. Using skills and knowledge from the future all revealed in a game type format, Lawrence Lawrence Wrath will save the world… or die trying…

Here is the attached musical playlist, it's available on Spotify and YouTube.

Eden's Gate: The Arena: A LitRPG Adventure

Book 4 of the bestselling Eden's Gate series!

Edgewood is under attack, and the threat of war lingers across the Serpent Sea.

In order to protect their village, the members of Unity will need to work together to level-up and find better gear. They'll need to lay the foundation of a castle that can serve as a fortification from intruders.

But what if there's a better way?

When Gunnar learns that the King of Highcastle will grant an audience to anyone who wins an Arena championship, he decides to enter the competition as a gladiator. If he can earn a meeting with the ailing King and persuade him to stop Dryden Bloodletter, he can save Edgewood and potentially countless lives. He'll also get his name posted in every Arena which could lead Rachel one step closer to finding him.

The Arena is a spectacle where people gather to watch fighters put their skills to the test, earn fame, and take home gold. Does Gunnar have what it takes to become a champion or has he bitten off more than he can chew?

Alpha Testing: Angromoria LitRPG Adventure

The advertisement offered the ultimate Virtual Reality experience. Using a new technology known as Immersive Virtual Reality or IVR you could truly experience the game as if you were in it. For someone who has been confined to a wheelchair all of his life, the promise was impossible to ignore but only a few would be invited to take part in the Alpha test of the new game. Devon decided he would be one of those few

To ensure he would be chosen he took the most unlikely combination of skills specializing primarily as a craftsman and secondarily as a healer. The best race for these skill trees is a Gnome but that further weakens his ability to fight and survive. Still, it is only the Alpha test and once in he can change it when they move to Closed Beta.

What could go wrong? Soon he finds out just how weak his choices seem to the developers who figure he will die a lot and always be a Nobody. Name chosen Gnobody sets out to take on Angromoria and it is everything he could hope for until it becomes the only thing he may ever know.

Dodge Tank: A LitRPG Novel (Crystal Shards Online Book 1)

"There's only one rule...don't get hit."

Ryan's life sucks.

His brother is a jerk, his mom is sick, and his legs are next to useless thanks to a neurological disorder. Plus the world ended two centuries ago from nuclear war. Now, what's left of humanity live below ground, with the only escape from reality being the massive VR world of Crystal Shards Online.

But even ingame, Ryan's life sucks. Unable to play a combat class due to his condition, he works as a miner, earning barely enough to get by and not nearly enough to afford the operation that will save his mom's life.

When Ryan discovers an item that grants the ability to dodge any attack, however, he has the chance to become one of the game world's most elite and sought after players: a Dodge Tank.

But for someone who's never played a combat class, success isn't so easily had.

To save his mom, Ryan will have to overcome his disability and level his way to the top. But the real-world consequences are more far reaching than he ever could have imagined and the fate of not just his mother, but humanity itself, may be resting in his hands...

Avatar Online Launch

Forced to work together while trapped in a game, alliances are forged and love is born from the ashes of old resentments. Redemption is possible for one, but another is doomed to follow a dark path.

This is a novella of almost 22,000 words and is Book One of the Avatar Online Series.

Crystalfire Keep: A LITRPG Saga (Elements of Wrath Online Book 3)

With the opening of Crystalfire Keep, Max, Kayla, and the rest of the crew find themselves in a race against time to gather a force strong enough to beat the timed raid dungeon in time to secure the big cash prize.

With rival guilds causing trouble within the game and a dangerous wager in the real world looming, what begins as a difficult trial turns into a near-impossible mission with consequences far out reaching a simple contest.

The futures of not only Max and Kayla, but that of their friends, family, and possibly the whole game are at stake. Worse, their only hope to save the day may just lie with the mysterious return of a lost legend.

The Harem Girl: A LitRPG Fantasy: New Complete Edition

Thousands of years ago a race of ancient beings called the Game Masters came to earth. They built a worldwide crystalline computer network. Its purpose, to test humanity's mettle using VRMMO style games.

Centuries later college girl Amy Prescott accidentally awakens the long slumbering network. Now trapped in a VR simulation based on her fan girl fantasies, there appears to be no way out.

Amy soon finds herself traded to the Half-Orc Bashir as his reluctant concubine. Stuck as a character with high sex appeal, but little defense seems more than unfair. Amy must learn to master the secret skills she needs to survive.

Will she escape the game? Or be forever trapped in virtual reality?

Legends of Tarthirious : Book Four of Kylia's Story (Legends of Tarthirious (A LitRPG) 4)

After surviving an attempted bombing and watching her informant, Bishop, get murdered on live television, Kylia feels like she's got a target on her back, a target that she thinks even the MPs can't shake off of her.

Things aren't all bad for Kylia though, and as things progress well with her boyfriend, Gerald, she starts to see that maybe there's hope for her in the fast and ever-changing world she's stuck in.

In this, the second last part of the Legends of Tarthirious saga, Kylia's life starts to get back on track despite the veritable plethora of curveballs that have been thrown her way.

The Vale of Three Wolves: A LitRPG Adventure (Elements of Wrath Online Book 2)

When Max and Kayla embark on an epic questline few have ever completed, they'll find themselves trapped face to face with the primordial forces of darkness.

Now, to return back to the larger game world, they must complete the trials and vanquish the darkness from this pristine holy land before all is lost.

There’s just one catch, if they don't complete it within the time limit, they'll not only lose their chance at finishing it, but they may lose their characters as well.

Unexplored - Into the Wilderwood: A LitRPG Virtual Fantasy Adventure

Clint needed an escape from his hectic 10 to 12 hour a day job and almost non-existent social life. Mary, his only friend and game store employee, suggests he try a new Virtual Reality MMORPG, Unexplored. At first, he’s hesitant. He has enough crap going on in his life. He doesn’t need something else to bog him down. However, the mounting pressure of his hectic life has him looking for an afternoon of escape.

Clint spawns in the game as Cleave, a helpless elf with minimal fighting ability and no skills. Feeling the similarities between this game and his real life, he’s about to leave when he chances upon another player, a Kobold named Tarka. Along with Krug the Thud, a half-giant warrior, they enter the Wilderwood.

Throughout their adventures, they meet unique friends and have harrowing adventures. When the group comes across a powerful player’s guild bent upon the destruction of a peaceful community of dryads, they must come together with their new friends to stop the dryads from meeting a bloody end.

As Clint travels through the land of Unexplored, he wonders if he and his friends can make their mark in a world as merciless and unforgiving as his own.

Warning: This book contains erotic content. Reader discretion is advised.

Fjorgyn: A Rebel Rises

Michael was proud of his life and his accomplishments. During the day he was Michael Semione. He worked, spent time with his family, and did everything young professionals were meant to do. At night, he became Creighton Dian-Cecht, a druid healer in Fjorgyn Online. He was head of a company of crafters and adventurers known throughout the game.

Things changed, however, when Michael was killed in real life while playing the game. He was reincarnated in a world based on Fjorgyn a level one, alone and naked in the woods. When he played the game, all he wanted to do was craft and heal. Follow his new life and his new adventures and challenges. See how he reconciles his desire to only heal in this dangerous, new world.

Legends of Tarthirious : Book Three of Kylia's Story

With just two short months left on the clock, Kylia Redmond has started to finally pull her life together and gain some stability after the weeks of arrest, near-death, and complete Hell that has surrounded her.

With more focus on having fun in the game and setting goals she can reach, the fun loving gamer's discovering that as hard as she tries, she can't seem to shake the feeling that there's just another thing waiting around the corner.

In this, the third chapter of Kylia's story, we see Kylia start to become tired of mindlessly accepting every quest she gets in order to try and stave off the inevitability of losing her citizenship, and starts to simply enjoy what time she has left.

Dragons can be cute too! (100 Luck and the Dragon Tamer Skill!)

An ominous message puts everyone on Earth into a state of panic, and not long afterwards millions are kidnapped from their homes by a God-like entity. After being gifted with powers and abilities beyond their wildest dreams, they were left to fend for themselves in a strange and dangerous new world.

Unlike the others, Alkelios Yatagai is one of the few who find themselves alone and separated from everyone else. With only a ridiculous amount of Luck and a unique skill to help him survive, he travels through a land teeming with dangerous monsters and... dragons.

Legends of Tarthirious : Book Two of Kylia's Story

I’d break this short story into two parts: 1) Real world- The consequences of Kylie’s arrest and release on charges of cheating in the game are felt as the public vents their frustration at the debt payback system. 2) The game world- Kylie’s character goes on a series of random and unrelated quests to gain experience and gold.

Sucked into an RPG: a LitRPG Novel (Sucked into an RPG, Book 1)

In the middle of attacking a difficult boss, Jamie gets sucked into the game. It’s not long before he learns there’s no way back home and that the only people around him are NPCs. He spends his days completing quests, hoping one will lead him back to reality. But the days go on and he wonders if he will ever see his family and best friend again. 

Then he meets her—another player. She got sucked into the game months ago and has been stuck there ever since. Together, they embark on the journey back to Earth. But is there a way out of this fantasy world or are they doomed to live there forever?

Legends of Tarthirious : Book One of Kylia's Story

In fear of an impending economic crisis, a drastic change in leadership and society occurs in Great Britain. The residents are told they're no longer citizens, that they have to earn that right by paying off their fair share of the national debt, but they don't have to rely solely on their jobs and careers for this gargantuan task. They can pay it off by playing Legends of Tarthirious, an MMORPG, and collecting resources and items in-game to convert into real life money.

The year is 2035, and Kylia Redmond has six short months to pay off her debt, but little does she know that her problems are going to become a whole lot worse.