The Idle System (A LitRPG series Book 4): The Sins

Once bound by his morals, John has been released from his chains.

The Sinner System will finally come to reveal its true potential in his hands. Together with his gift for chaos, it will forge his path to victory.

One that will finally settle his grudges once and for all.

One that will defend what matters most to him.

For as much as a man changes, his priorities remain the same.

Read this fourth issue of The Idle System to continue another chapter in John and Sarah’s story. One of adventure, revenge, and conspiracies. For if you enjoy LitRPG, action, and morally ambiguous protagonists, this is your book. 

Don’t hesitate, read it now.

The Idle System (A LitRPG series Book 3): The Birth

Running away is never the answer.

After escaping from the Rogue Sect, John and Sarah find something new about each other. They're both Siders. Their path of loneliness will now take a turn, finding new allies in the most unexpected of places.

But good things come hand-in-hand with the bad.

Elder Han and his son are not willing to give up their chase. Chris's obsession over possessing Sarah's body for himself is not to be taken lightly. Nor is his father's.

Fight or flight, it's now their choice.

Join John and Sarah in a new issue of The Idle System to find out what happens next!

The Idle System (A LitRPG series Book 2): The Rogues

A man bows only to 3 people in his life: His mother, his father and his master.

As the newest member of the Assassin's sect, John is tasked to go after a new target. Alas, as he is away, things will take a turn in his sect's grounds.

A man with the power to control minds will whisper words of corruption into John's martial brothers and sisters. His power will cause unrest and unbalance, driving the sect into a new direction.

Now it is up to John to take care of it before the other sects in the universe realise the change and take the matter into their own hands.

But... will it be that easy?

This second issue of The Idle System brings a continuation to John's LitPRG-inspired adventures. In this world of Xianxia and Fantasy, it will be time for him to face his biggest challenge: his own allies.

The Idle System: The New Journey

After an unexpected death, John wakes up in another world where a system guides him along.

In this world he is known as a Sider, someone who has reincarnated from Earth. In the beginning, John’s only aim is to survive, but as his journey unfolds he discovers something else to fight for.

His new goal has a time limit, but the stakes are high. If John fails to make it in time, his one and only chance at a new life will be over.

Unbeknownst to our hero, there are even larger forces at play. A seemingly harmless individual turns out to be a member of royalty, and their family has use for a Sider like John. If this royal family plays their cards right, the kingdom will fall victim to the reign of a new king with an iron grip.

Will the royal family succeed in using John for their own power-hungry purposes? Or will he discover their scheme and put an end to their tyranny?