The Idle System (A LitRPG series Book 2): The Rogues

A man bows only to 3 people in his life: His mother, his father and his master.

As the newest member of the Assassin's sect, John is tasked to go after a new target. Alas, as he is away, things will take a turn in his sect's grounds.

A man with the power to control minds will whisper words of corruption into John's martial brothers and sisters. His power will cause unrest and unbalance, driving the sect into a new direction.

Now it is up to John to take care of it before the other sects in the universe realise the change and take the matter into their own hands.

But... will it be that easy?

This second issue of The Idle System brings a continuation to John's LitPRG-inspired adventures. In this world of Xianxia and Fantasy, it will be time for him to face his biggest challenge: his own allies.

Realm of Noria. [LitRPG series. Book 1. The Birth]

The vast forests of the elven kingdom, full of wild animals; the wastelands of the orcs, with everpresent drought and death; the dwarven mountains, on top of which the wyverns and harpies have built their nests; the majestic Ilian ridge that protects the great lands from the evil of the Sunset Empire, cursed by all the gods.

Kraven has a new home now, the World of Noria. It would be great if he were just a carefree traveler in this beautiful world.

But it's not that simple. His body is imprisoned in a regeneration capsule, an imprisonment he needs to live, and his mind is now part of this new, virtual world. Who is he now? What is he? He's become an unusual player, a unique bit of code that has appeared as the result of a system error.

All he has now is his character and his will to go on. His goal is to become stronger and survive in this cruel world. And who could be stronger than the “Shadows”, the most famous assassin's guild in Noria?

Infinite Assassins: Daggerland Online Novel 2 A LITRPG Adventure

Two weeks before the trial of Atticus Arching, his radical followers, the Infinite Assassins, decide to take the law into their own hands. Using the bodies of innocent online players these unkillable assassins target the entire prosecution team, including the only witness in the case, FBI Special Agent Daniel Roan.

Escaping by the skin of his teeth, Roan is forced to go on the run. Hounded day and night by the assassins, he finds the only way he can strike back is to go online and infiltrate the very group that’s after him.

The only problem is that they only take the very coldest of killers and Roan is forced to become everything he hates: liar, thief, murderer, Assassin!