The Idle System: The New Journey


After an unexpected death, John wakes up in another world where a system guides him along.

In this world he is known as a Sider, someone who has reincarnated from Earth. In the beginning, John’s only aim is to survive, but as his journey unfolds he discovers something else to fight for.

His new goal has a time limit, but the stakes are high. If John fails to make it in time, his one and only chance at a new life will be over.

Unbeknownst to our hero, there are even larger forces at play. A seemingly harmless individual turns out to be a member of royalty, and their family has use for a Sider like John. If this royal family plays their cards right, the kingdom will fall victim to the reign of a new king with an iron grip.

Will the royal family succeed in using John for their own power-hungry purposes? Or will he discover their scheme and put an end to their tyranny?

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My Opinion: 290 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is slice of life, transported to a game world story, that by the halfway mark turns into an overpowered main character (MC) story. You follow the MC as he arrives a new world and has to figure out the game system that will define his new life. He fights loads of monsters, and has some cool adventures. The most interesting part of the story and the thing that separates it from other slice of life stories, is definitely the game mechanic, the idle system.

In addition to the normal HP and Stamina counters, the MC has a finite number of idle counters that he can assign to skills, abilities, and attacks. The more idle counters he assigns, the faster a skill will auto level. The MC is initially presented with a set skill group, including making more idle counters, but discovers new skills all through the story. There is eventually, even a kind of cultivation aspect that’s incorporated as he improves specific parts of body at a time. A good part of the story becomes about time and resource management. A lot of time is spent looking at lists of skills and thinking about ways to maximize growth using the idle system. It’s fun if you’re into numbers and figuring out the how you’d maximize your RPG character.

There are a few flaws in the novel. It has a few plot holes, some annoying time jumps (years sometimes), too many info dumps, and some semi-regular technical writing issues. Nothing major, just things like missing words, mixed tenses, and other grammar mistakes. These mistakes occur every couple of pages and while it didn’t bother me, it will bother others.

Overall, a fun action oriented story with a unique game mechanic.

Score: 7.4 out 10

The Idle System: The New Journey