Changing World: The Beginning


The game world was beautiful and realistic, but something went wrong from the very start... How was a new character supposed to choose a class? How was he supposed to survive? Just one wrong step could mean imminent death.

My Opinion: 362 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

*Note: There are translation issues with the story. Some phrases don’t translate well, the word Ability is replaced with the word Agility for some reason, and dialogue is missing quotation marks and instead dashes are used. Ie: -Oh look, an apple.- He said

While the story puts the main character (MC) playing an VRMMO, it feels more like a transported to a game world story since the MC never leaves the game and the non-player characters act like normal people with personalities, deep histories, and unique cultures.

On the game mechanic side, this has a skill based system. There are no levels with automatic increases in attributes or stat points to distribute. Instead, everything is earned through practice, experimentation, or being taught. Skills are discovered and increase through use. Stats increase through training or use in combat. So there are loads of notifications for these kinds of increases and their associated bonuses.

Storywise, though there are a couple of major story/quest arcs, this is a slice of life story. You just follow the MC as he fumbles his way through the the world and figures out how everything works, then goes on some really neat and exciting adventures. Personally, the beginning drew me in the most. The MC makes a mistake and misses out out on the tutorial section and has to figure out how the game works while surviving and exploring the forest he’s in. It mixed RPG exploration with survival and discovery elements which was fun.

I will note that the last 5% of the story is a bit annoying because it comes out of nowhere and forces the story into a cliff hanger rather than wrap it up nicely. It’s going to bother some readers.

Overall, I really enjoyed this slice of life story. It was neat to discover how the game world worked as the MC did and how his initial detriment became an asset to him. He worked hard for every bit of progress.

Score: 7.6 out of 10

Changing World: The Beginning