Legends of Tarthirious : Book Three of Kylia's Story

With just two short months left on the clock, Kylia Redmond has started to finally pull her life together and gain some stability after the weeks of arrest, near-death, and complete Hell that has surrounded her.

With more focus on having fun in the game and setting goals she can reach, the fun loving gamer's discovering that as hard as she tries, she can't seem to shake the feeling that there's just another thing waiting around the corner.

In this, the third chapter of Kylia's story, we see Kylia start to become tired of mindlessly accepting every quest she gets in order to try and stave off the inevitability of losing her citizenship, and starts to simply enjoy what time she has left.


My Opinion: About 120 pages, $0.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

While a short read, this is priced well. Of the three books in the serial so far, this is my favorite. It’s still not a particularly amazing novel but the story is a lot more focused on the parts that I found to be the most interesting.

In game, Kylia continues to try to pay off her debt before her deadline but is becoming less and less sure that she’ll make it. So instead of trying to find the most lucrative random quests, which you think someone one would have posted online, she instead starts to play for fun again. Her character in game completes a series of class quests that gain her some cool magic, skills, and items.

Outside the game, she’s still recovering from the assassination attempt on her and her relationship with Gerald takes the next step as they both realize that their time together will end if she’s deported in the next couple weeks.

The game time and real world time feel more connected this time around since Kylie’s emotional state carries through in both worlds, as do her issues with her boyfriend. It was honestly, nice to just see the character game and not really worry that much about the larger social implications and movements that sort of dragged down the last two books. They still exist but they don’t take up as much time in the story and are used to bait you into wanting to read book 4, which is fine.

Score: 7 out of 10

Legends of Tarthirious : Book Three of Kylia's Story (Legends of Tarthirious (A LitRPG) 3)