Bunker Core (Core Control Book 1)


Wynne might have been human once. It's hard to say.

Now he's a bunker core, a nanomachine controller responsible for an entire complex.

Of course, the place is a bit wrecked. And the world outside is ruins. And he's pretty sure that whoever put him here is going to come looking for him at some point. And then there's the raiders...

Dungeon Core, Post-apocalyptic style. Come for the mutants, stay for the dystopian adventure!

My Opinion: 244 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

A good new dungeon core story with all the traps, minions, and tech trees you’d expect. The LitRPG elements are on the lighter side but still exists as Wynne, the dungeon, upgrades and explores as he defends himself in this post apocalyptic world. In addition to being a dungeon core viewpoint, there are other points of view that shed light on the larger world world building and setup storylines for the rest of the series.

While the story doesn’t do anything particularly innovative with the dungeon core genre and thematically reminds me of The Laboratory: A Futuristic Dungeon Core, it’s a good story with lots of room to move in interesting directions.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Bunker Core (Core Control Book 1)