The FPS Deity: A Fantasy LitRPG Series- Book 1


By the age of 80, General Gama Feihren has long since retired and is now on the last days of his life, spending most of it time on a virtual first-person shooter game he truly loves and enjoys: Gaia's Paradox.

Reminiscing about the days of his former military glory as his real is nearing death's door— Follow the adventure of Feihren as he ventures into this new world he suddenly transmigrated in, New World: Nuwiell

(A Fantasy LitRPG series with a touch of Transmigration/Reincarnation novel troupe.)

My Opinion: 447 pages, $2.99, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is a webnovel serial that has been collected as a novel. The story concept of this is interesting but the actual storytelling and writing is bad. It almost feels like the novel is translated from another language or that the English just isn’t the author’s native language. Either way, there are loads of spelling and grammar errors. The structure of the story is just off, and the constant shifts between characters viewpoints is jarring and confusing.

This is mostly a slice of life novel that has a transported to a game world through transmigration setup. The main character, Gama Feihren, in his retirement, is an avid Sci-fi RPG MMO player. He’s maxed out his character and is now trying to complete a rare and challenging quest. But when he beats it, he’s transported to an RPG fantasy world. He’s regained his youth, but more importantly he also has his maxed out levels and customized high tier armor and weapons.  With all that, he’s definitely overpowered in this new world of swords and sorcery. He really just explores, goes on adventures, and kills anything that dares to attack him or his new friends. There is still some RPG advancement as the MC gets general XP he can use to gain skills more in line with the fantasy RPG world. I think the thing that doesn’t work for me story wise is that there’s just never any challenge for this OP character, so even though he gets in lots of fights, there’s never any real risk and the story just gets a boring sometimes because of it.

Again, good concept, but the final execution doesn’t work for me.

Score: 5 out of 10

The FPS Deity: A Fantasy LitRPG Series- Book 1