Dungeon Boss Player: The Beginning


In the near future, gaming changed quickly and now a real Virtual Reality was created and games soon appeared and one of the newest was Dungeon King World, a game where the player is a Dungeon Boss and has the full control all over the dungeon domain of how to make it grow and how it will interact with the outside world.

Inside a dungeon, the boss is the King, or Queen, and the monsters inside will follow their command without questioning it.


My Opinion: 300 pages??, $3.25, Not on Kindle Unlimited

*Warning: The writing in this novel is challenging to read. An example: “You did a great choice, don’t kill child that come unarmed…”*

This is a story that is setup as a dungeon master novel. The main character (MC), Daniel, plays a VR game that puts him in the role of the boss of his very own dungeon. He gets to decide how to build his dungeon, what monsters to spawn, how to evolve them and his own powers.

Only there’s very little actual dungeon creation or even dungeon diving. There’s a good bit of monster evolving and a bit of story involving a local NPC village. But only one test of the MCs dungeon and one scene where the MC tests someone else’s dungeon. Those are also the only combat scenes.

The story has a certain anime charm and there are some funny moments. However, it’s honestly a little hard to read sometimes and that combined with the dungeon master story expectations that just aren’t fulfilled made it hard to really connect to the story.

Score: 6 out of 10

Dungeon Boss Player: The Beginning