Goddess Watch: A LitRPG/GameLit Adventure Novel


He's lost everything in our world. He's not going to let the same thing happen here.

Daniel's new life in Aelterna was supposed to be easy and relaxing, but instead of the sleepy shopkeeping job he planned on, he's dumped in a swamp full of feral monsters, lost gods and savage lizard people! He's up against ancient civilizations, power-hungry players and a serious case of culture shock, and he's got nothing but his barrier magic to face these challenges. Worse, the company that runs the game might have motives that don't have Daniel's best interest at heart; how's he supposed to survive when the masters of his new reality are against him?

If you're looking for an exciting fantasy LitRPG novel, this is your book. Goddess Watch is full of surprising allies, deadly enemies, monsters and magic. Adventure with Daniel as he's tested in ways he never imagined. Will he survive unchanged, or will the harsh demands of Goddess Watch turn him into something he doesn't recognize?

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My Opinion: 273 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

The cover art on this does a disservice to the novel. Not only does it not seem to have anything to do with the novel, the main character is a dude and he hangs out with lizard people, it makes it look like a romance novel.

This is a good action oriented story that reminds me a bit of dances with wolves if it were a LitRPG.

The author does a good job of establishing sympathy for real life Daniel, the main character (MC), and creating a situation where he’d be ecstatic to live full time in a full immersion game. By the 10% mark, the MC is dropped in the game and he has to figure out a way to survive in a swamp when all he really wanted to do was live the quiet life of a crafter and tradesman. Instead, he’s taken in by native lizard people and must learn their customs and earn a name for himself.  This is my favorite part of the story, the stranger in a strange land part where the MC comes to appreciate this culture.

Shortly after though the story pivots and it becomes a bit more standard. The game company has plans for the MC that don’t involve him living a peaceful life. I won’t spoil things but the tone shifts from the MC learning from the lizard people to saving them and improving their lives with his advances civilization tech and game powers. Not bad, but not as awesome as where I thought the story was going.

Game mechanic side, there’s nothing particularly special. There’s loads of detail and customizable skill sets but you see the standard stats and skill progression systems. There is a little bit of crafting and I did like the new bonecrafting concept.

Overall, a good read. Loads of action after the 30% mark and even though the story didn’t go where I thought it was going to, it was still entertaining.

Score: 7.4 out of 10

Goddess Watch: A LitRPG/GameLit Adventure Novel