Phoenix World: Beta Test Zone 5


Will Smith was living a great life! A wonderful wife, two awesome kids, a job he liked and a stable pay check. That all ended one summer evening when driving back to his house after a weekend of camping. A semi-truck veered into his lane and hit his SUV killing his entire family in a single stroke.

He survived if you can call it surviving. He only had the use of his right arm and he could move his neck and head. He would be bed ridden the rest of his life. He ended up meeting some great people that got him into a MMORPG that was about to be 100% virtual, full immersion and for a guy who could no longer walk or doing anything except lie in a bed this was the escape he needed!

He meets a God, gets mind blowing loot, forms a guild, makes friends..... And then dies in real life.

This is his story, please join Will and his friends for this adventure!!

My Opinion: 306 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

*Warning, this story has many technical writing issues. Mostly with mixed tenses and awkward phrasing. Generally Bad formatting and punctuations.*

The story itself, once the MC gets in the game, isn't horrible. It's just a slice of life description of the MC fighting mostly, getting new items, skills, magic, and adventuring. Though the revenge stuff at the end feels a bit out of place.The RPG stuff is all there with quest, item, and skill descriptions and damage notifications. Overall, the game stuff feels balanced.

However, because of the technical writing issues, reading the story became a chore. The biggest culprit, the one I just couldn't ignore, is that 90% of the story is exposition. Author tells you what someone says instead of actually having dialogue. “I asked where the last boss was...Albert said he suspected the giant mound in the middle is hiding the last boss...” That aspect of the writing was just too much for me.

Score: 4 out of 10

Phoenix World: Beta Test Zone 5