The Arena (The Adventures of Horc Book 2)


Never Split the Party!

All he wanted was a bit of quiet time and some extra cash for beta testing the new game, what Alan Gosling got was so much more when disaster strikes, trapping him in the VR game.

Although he’s still stuck in the MMORPG of Halfworld, Horc must turn his efforts to rescuing his friends when they split the party.

Even though he has to be careful not to die, Horc isn’t holding back when it comes to saving his friends.

As the game’s AI starts acting peculiar, Horc and his party find almost everything in the game is fighting against them.

Their biggest challenge awaits them in the Lone Palm Arena where they must fight and kill their friends to save them.

Is Horc up to the challenge that goes against everything he believes in?

Can he save his friends before he loses himself in the game?

With new friends and bigger challenges than before, Horc will do everything he can to fight and stay alive in a game that is nearly as real as the everyday life he was hoping to escape.

My Opinion: 156 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

The next string of adventures in this series was just meh. The combat and questlines weren’t bad but for some reason the dialogue felt more stilted this time. Additionally, nothing really got me excited to read the story. I mean, sure the danger the rogue AI was a decent twist but even with that I never felt a sense of excitement because I knew the MC would never be in any danger.

Score: 6 out of 10

The Arena (The Adventures of Horc Book 2)