The Hall: Book 1 of the Muraglen Saga


What traits define you?

What would you do if you had to start over?

When Faust Swift is thrown into a world of monsters, quests and mysteries he must use his wits and returning memories to overcome adversity and grow stronger. He will meet plenty of enemies and hopefully an ally here or there. Join him as the Universe throws him from Realm to Realm and he finds what he is truly made of.

My Opinion: 258 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This feels like someones first novel. And I don’t necessarily mean anything negative by that, but you can tell that the start was going to be something very different than what the rest of the story turned out to be.

The first 10% of the story is just odd. The main character wanders this kind of dream space where all the stuff he wishes for just comes true, then he meets these girls that give him coins that transform into weapons, and he fights squirrels. There’s no RPG system yet, it’s just kind of this odd section. That then turns into a fantasy slice of life LitRPG story, where the MC wanders around, fights a lot, eventually kind of makes friends, and has some adventures. There’s a familiar RPG system with levels, stats,and skills. But even then, the beginning part of that slice of life adventure is just awkward and meanders a lot. It’s not really until about 70% into the story that it feels like the author start so plan things out and finds his footing in this world. It’s at that point, the MC learns he can do magic and a pretty well thought out cultivation like magic system unfolds. There’s also character development, and a little bit of world building. It’s only really after that point that it feels like like a proper story with direction, and characters get sort of fleshed out.

Unfortunately, the journey to being a pretty decent story just takes too long. I don’t know that most people will even make it through the first 10%.

Score: 6 out of 10

The Hall: Book 1 of the Muraglen Saga