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Adventures on Terra - Book 1: Beginnings

Armon Ellington is nineteen year old kid that always felt out of place. He’s an orphan, a gamer, and a role playing game geek. When he dies after a seventy-two hour gaming marathon, instead of going to an afterlife he’s transported to a new world governed by rules that are eerily similar to the RPG games he loves. On this new world, Terra, he can be anything he wants, a warrior, mage, or even a crafter. Only, Armon wants more than that, he also wants friends and family.

Join Armon on his journey through this amazing new world where he’ll go on adventures, explore dungeons, slay monsters and hopefully find the friends and family he never had on earth.

Adventures on Terra is a LitRPG adventure series




Updated 10/10/19

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Viridian Gate Online: Embers of Rebellion: A LitRPG Adventure (The Firebrand Series, Book 2)


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