The Great Tower

Due to unsatisfactory ratings, the social entertainment program that was humanity has been cancelled. But the studio executives of the multiverse are anything but wasteful; every human has been entered in as contestants in the popular program “The Great Tower,” where challengers must fight and struggle, seeking the treasures that await at the top.

Before humanity is thrown into the meat grinder, everyone is given a chance to sell parts of themselves in exchange for a little boost. One young man seizes this chance, selling everything. Even his humanity.

Nameless, Raceless, and without any clear memory of the past, he is thrown into the bottom level of the tower, with one goal. Survival.

My Opinion: This is a combat oriented LitRPG story. Great action scenes and a very interesting way for the main character to gain strength.  

When our universe ends humans are transported to a dimension where they must fight for the entertainment of others to survive.The main character gives up everything, including his name and race when he’s transported to a new universe. This is not an overpowered character but has some interesting abilities that help him progress.