Codename: Freedom: Survive Week One

What happens when a VR world is created that will directly effect the real world?

When the opportunity to join a government sponsored experiment in a virtual world that promised 100% immersion, Lucius didn’t hesitate to apply. Unbeknownst to him the reason for the experiment that was offered to the public was only part of the story.

Ascend Online

In the year 2047, the world is struggling to find balance as the greatest economic boom of Mankind’s history comes to a close.

Enter Marcus, a twenty nine year old game designer and MMORPG addict who has made his living all through video games. When he and his friends hear of an upcoming game that promises the chance to live an entirely new life, they all jump at the opportunity.

Delvers LLC: Welcome to Ludus

Transported to another world, Henry and Jason are best friends that develop unique skills to thrive in a world of spells and monsters. One of my favorite things about the series is the sense of friendship and comradery between the two main characters. Homies for life! Not only does the story have plenty of action but also a fun sense of humor. There is also a romantic subplot early on I found adorable.  

World Seed: Game Start (Book 1)

But with the age of VR, everyone still dreamed of that next step, the next level of adventure. And after a hundred years, it has finally arrived. The first consoles, known as Seeds, mass distributed among the people, with such realism that they no longer qualified as a Virtual Reality, but as an Artificial Reality. But what happens when things become too real?


Join Arwyn (and her snarky narrator who likes to interject sarcastic comments in parentheses) on her exciting, often hilarious adventures inside the latest VRMMO  Fantasia, a magical world full of every fantasy creature you’ve ever encountered in books, games, and movies, and a few that you haven’t.

Gamer of the Dead


I decided to create a new story. Nothing original, I just followed the latest and more popular genre here in RoyalRoad. Zombie Apocalypse meets the Gamer. to make it a bit different, I decided to create a new kind of zombie with its own rules. hopefully, the zombie will become more dangerous and open up new possibilities. So basically, this is a story of an underdog guy surviving the zombie apocalypse… and the unrequited love of the woman he loves.

Without further ado, ENJOY!

Survival World RPG

While Mike was sleeping, the world went to hell in a hand basket. Now he has to learn to survive in a new world where magic and monsters are real, and even the weakest man can become strong by raising his levels.

Can Mike survive this world turned video game? Very doubtful. Will the apocalypse improve his love life? Don’t count on it. Will he die alone and in pain? Signs point to yes. Am I reading these answers from a magic eight ball? Concentrate and ask again…

The Chaos Wave

Hidden (there’s a joke in there if you read the story) has decided to go digital or transfer his consciousness permanently to a digital game world. Follow him on his adventures in this digital game world. This book contains part 1- Luck and Death and part 2- Goblins and Dwarves. Part 3 -Rage and Chaos is not yet written.

Mirror World Series

Oleg isn’t meant to become a great wizard or a famous warrior. He’ll never have a castle of his own. Neither will he ever tame a dragon. And he’s definitely not the type to conquer a kingdom, however virtual it may be.

Oleg is doomed to toil away in the recesses of Mirror World’s mines. His goal is to raise enough money for a heart transplant for his dying six-year-old daughter. The clock is ticking. Will he make it?

Hell’s Glitch

In the novel, the main character is a video game tester that loves dark and difficult games. Boy does he get what he’s looking for. The combat in the VR game is brutal, difficult, and more dependent on skill and tactics than stats. The game mechanics are very familiar replacing XP with souls.

If you like the Dark Souls video games you’ll probably like this novel. Also, turns out there is a series of comics based on the Dark Souls franchise you can read after you’re done with this.

The Slime Dungeon Chronicles

Death came on swift wings. A soul, blessed by a goddess, falls to the land and enters his new life. He clings to a single memory, the defining moment of his previous life. Now, he learns how to succeed in his new life, as a new dungeon heart. To become the best dungeon he can be, he partners with the one existence all dungeons need: his bonded Dungeon Pixie.

Alternative Reality

Luke is an average young adult, struggling with everyday life - living from one day to the other. Only partially employed, living alone.

In Alternative Reality though, he’s Wail. A slightly insane adventuring magician, enjoying a life full of challenges and innocent fun. How will his attempts at finding fulfillment inside virtual reality end?

Ingame: Virtual reality enabled

Ingame, a world where magic is real. Where being Human just means you are not a Dwarf or an Elf. See a cynical young man who is working towards getting past level one. Add some rich powerful old people trying to take over the Ingame world. Throw in a abandoned haunted orphanage, a mysterious dragon and Gods that cannot be trusted. Add a huge city and young Donators buying their way through the game. Ingame, anything might happen.

The Gam3

The Earth is changing. Aliens invaded, bringing with them social upheaval, advanced technology and an armada of peacekeeping robots. But Alan, a college student pursuing a now-useless degree, cares little about all of this. He has only one thing on his mind: the Game.

A fully immersive virtual reality, the Game appears to be a major part of the invading civilization. And Alan can’t wait to play. Soon though, he realizes the Game is anything but simple, and the stakes are higher than he ever imagined.

The NextWorld Series

When the sequel to a popular title is released to the public for a special beta test, a group of players eagerly log in to try out the new experience. What seems like harmless violence quickly turns all too consequential when the players realize the game's biggest error: They can't log out. Forced to battle their way through an endless army of monsters programmed to kill their avatars, the players must fight against the clock and find a way out of the game before the real world catches up to them.

World at War Online

World at War is the most ambitious virtual world game in history.

Zach Wofford was a beta player, and knows first-hand what an amazing experience World at War will be. Together, with just a small band of his friends, he will make something great in the virtual world, or go down fighting in the attempt.

Real Life RPG

Virtual Reality is a real thing in the future as many people immerse themselves in the game world to forget about their troubles. The creator of the most realistic game imaginable, Imagery is making money at an unheard of rate, especially once it is found out those that die in real life can live on inside the game world. Suddenly executed criminals, cancer patients and all kinds of people choose to end it all. Jackson Gray did not make that choice, yet he finds himself permanently inside the game.

Origin A.R.S.

Scott Jacobs, mentally and emotionally exhausted by a lifetime of people simply changing their minds in regards to how much they care about him, accepts an offer to play a game. However, that game turns out to be a true existence where people can become as strong as they desire if they are willing to work toward their dreams.