Scottie Futch

Galactic Fist of Legend 4: Life Werx

Fresh from the battle with zombie mecha pilot and grand necromancer, Waldo, Scott and his team take a much needed breather back on Hellespont. Of course, rest and relaxation are not allowed for long. Old problems coupled with new possibilities join together to create a fantastic new ability that will reshape the very foundation of how he will play the game going forward.

Even as the call to adventure draws him from his comfortable apartment, and life of harem related shenanigans, a bigger threat looms in the distance.

Galactic Fist of Legend is one of several series of books that are part of the Project Scott multiverse. One Scott soul, infinite possibilities. Cool guys. Hot videogame babes. Epic boobery, exploding lesbians, and a battle against the dread cosmic entity known as... Global Warming?

Come! Witness the spectacle!

Blackthorne: A Beautiful Nightmare

A young man with a dark past has come to be filled with self-loathing. Scott Logan spends his days pretending to be a joyful person to mask his soul-crushing loneliness. Intimate human relations seem an impossibility to him, until one day the inexplicable happens. The entire world fell asleep at the same time. The Earth was set to be upgraded by those who supposedly ruled over it, and from that moment on The Dream was born.

Join Scott Logan on his journey into another world linked with his own, one where onions walk on two feet and force people to cry for them... and into a reality where the truth of his very soul is revealed.

This story is one of the more important tales in the Project Scott multi-verse. It is here that people eventually come to understand just why 'Scott' in any iteration seems to constantly be involved in weird shenanigans and draws in the attention of lonely people in need of cuddles and the occasional baked goods.

Realmstrider: The Multiverse Awaits

For one year Scott Duelman has experienced a peculiar delusion, his life has operated like a video game. Yet, despite the innumerable status windows and unlocked achievements visited upon him, he never gained anything tangible from his exploits. Each success was met with a disappointing lack of a usable reward.

It is said that video games rot the mind. Certain that he has lost his mind due to playing too many freemium games on certain websites, he is nearly at the breaking point. Little does he know that what came before was only the prologue. Things are about to get sexy.... Collectible card game cross-world LitRPG waifu adventure harem sexy.

Sanity is overrated. All power to the blue mullet!

Collect the cards. Conquer the multiverse! Get the girl! Get all the girls! Dial it back a little and realize that you can't handle all of the girls, and thus get only the best girls as nature intended!

A new story in the Project Scott multiverse unfolds!

All power to the blue mullet! Praise it!

Earth Tactics Advance Volume 2: Welcome to the Second Stage

Life, love, quirky musical numbers, there has never been an apocalypse quite like this one. Return to the world of Earth Tactics Advance. Beset by the rules of a turn-based tactical survival horror dating sim, witness the efforts of the hot new rising faction 'Team Badass' as they try to find their place in the new world order. Life lived one-turn at a time can be hard on the best of days, but a new light shines in the darkness. Can they make the hard choices to ensure their survival?

Welcome to the Second Stage!

Galactic Fist of Legend: Volume 3

The legendary fisting journeys of Scott and his team continue in this next exciting installment of Galactic Fist of Legend. During their first team building mission Scott's grab bag group of modern pop-culture icons stumbles across a dire situation involving a familiar tunic-clad hero. Can Scott lead his team to pull off the most dangerous mission he's ever faced, or will they fail and doom entire worlds to ruin? Stay tuned and find out!

Warning: This story depicts graphic violence, gore, occasional gratuitous nudity, the power of friendship, and strangely adult interactions with sentient plants. You're welcome.

Earth Tactics Advance: Volume 1

An ordinary day in the life of Scott Keen suddenly turns tactical as the laws of physics are rewritten to force the world to adhere to an apocalyptic change in the very nature of existence. Those who manage to survive the first day of the new world must survive in the wake of a new reality, life lived as a turn-based tactical role playing game.

Feel the horror, and revel in the humor, as battles take place one turn at a time. Can one man survive a world gone tactical? Will he ever understand the need for background music and strange announcer voices? It's your turn... to find out!

Galactic Fist of Legend: Volume 2

In a reality beset by pop-culture related parodies, can one man survive against all odds? Welcome back to the madness that is Galactic Fist of Legend!

In this latest installment of the Galactic Fist of Legend LitRPG series, Scott Davidson must contend with all manner of ridiculous shenanigans while dealing with the horrors of the underworld, fruit baskets, and the most disturbing sock puppet in history. Death awaits around every corner, and perhaps even fates worse than death...

Come gather round! Grab a comfortable scarf. Fancy a proper sock puppet. Revel in the ridiculous glory of it all...

Galactic Fist of Legend is a science-fiction and fantasy LitRPG series created as part of the core multiversal character concept known as 'Project Scott', This project features a similarly named protagonist existing in many different worlds, largely without knowledge of each other. They are the same soul reflected in different ways, and partaking in different adventures.

Tactical Phantasia: Episode 1

Drawn forth from Earth by forces most bodacious, a young man must learn to fight for survival against ridiculous opponents while navigating a bizarre landscape of gaming tropes, JRPG oddness, and epic boobery.

Can a normal man from Earth survive the machinations of those who summoned him, and find his place in the world? Only time will tell...

Galactic Fist of Legend Vol. 1

In the year 2018 a bright star appeared near Earth. Humanity as a whole was briefly introduced to a race of beings far beyond their understanding. During that brief interaction a proclamation was made, Defeat the Grand Emissary or become the eternal slaves of those who had arrived at Earth.

The only chance for victory was for people all across the globe to make a choice. When prompted to become a champion and a play a bizarre game of life or death they could choose yes or no. Those who chose no, went about their lives afterward. All memory of the event was lost despite the fact that their very existence as a free species hung by a single thread.

Origin A.R.S.

Scott Jacobs, mentally and emotionally exhausted by a lifetime of people simply changing their minds in regards to how much they care about him, accepts an offer to play a game. However, that game turns out to be a true existence where people can become as strong as they desire if they are willing to work toward their dreams.