Origin A.R.S.

The life of a soldier can be a harsh and lonely existence. When a soldier leaves the service to be with the woman who he loves only to find out that she is pregnant with the child of another man, his story will usually end on a sad note. However, sometimes events occur that will send that man down an unexpected path in life

Scott Jacobs, mentally and emotionally exhausted by a lifetime of people simply changing their minds in regards to how much they care about him, accepts an offer to play a game. However, that game turns out to be a true existence where people can become as strong as they desire if they are willing to work toward their dreams.

In this new world of opportunities he will gain levels, fight humorous monsters, and listen to interesting background music! It is the adventure of a lifetime, and he is ready to get that party started.

My Opinion: I almost skipped this series because of the first sample chapter. Thankfully someone recommended I give it another try and I’m glad I did.

The first chapter describes how our main character is given the shaft after his fiancé cheats on him then it ends before we really get to the LitRPG stuff. Please do yourself a favor and push past that part or just skip it. It really is just the set up for why the main character is willing to permanently go to a new world and also explains why he’s a bit gun shy with women.

The series is great. Lots of good fights, leveling, and an interesting way to get skills. Note that there are romantic moments and sex is implied in the ‘fade to black’ sense. There is a much more adult story set in the same universe by the author called the Freelance Saga if you are interested.

Score: 6 out of 10

Origin ARS

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