Earth Tactics Advance Volume 2: Welcome to the Second Stage


Life, love, quirky musical numbers, there has never been an apocalypse quite like this one. Return to the world of Earth Tactics Advance. Beset by the rules of a turn-based tactical survival horror dating sim, witness the efforts of the hot new rising faction 'Team Badass' as they try to find their place in the new world order. Life lived one-turn at a time can be hard on the best of days, but a new light shines in the darkness. Can they make the hard choices to ensure their survival?

Welcome to the Second Stage!


My Opinion: 231 pages, $3.99, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

One of the only turn based LitRPG stories. Scottie Futch does something few writers could, and makes even waiting between turns entertaining.

The story is slice of life, but that doesn't detract from all the good action and leveling. New town building aspects are introduced and the MC gets a new unique class that adds some new ways for him to upgrade. While the storyline gets a little harem at the end, there is no sex in the novel, though there are sex jokes.

Overall, a good read if you’ve read book 1. If you haven’t, go read book 1 it’s good too.

Score: 7.6 out of 10

Earth Tactics Advance Volume 2: Welcome to the Second Stage