Tactical Phantasia: Episode 1

Drawn forth from Earth by forces most bodacious, a young man must learn to fight for survival against ridiculous opponents while navigating a bizarre landscape of gaming tropes, JRPG oddness, and epic boobery.

Can a normal man from Earth survive the machinations of those who summoned him, and find his place in the world? Only time will tell...

This story is part of an ongoing multiversal project known as Project Scott. It features a main protagonist with a similar name in each story, Scott, and is part of a vast tapestry of stories that intersect and intertwine in the strangest of ways.

My Opinion: 57 pages, $0.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

A buxom half woman half snake (Lamia) summons Scott to a world that runs like it’s a Turn Based Strategy Game. She tells him he’s been summoned as her husband and dark lord so that they can expand her territory and gain power over the land. Only things are never what they appear.

  • Cool turn based strategy game mechanics. The author is never afraid to take on the challenge of writing stories with unique or hard to describe mechanics. The story is very funny and took a turn I truly didn’t expect. I appreciate the unusual and interesting game mechanics.

  • Short but sweet. 8 out of 10.

  • Tactical Phantasia: Episode 1