Dark Souls

The Monolith: A LitRPG Novel (Blood Seekers Book 1)

“You will die!”

That's what the developers of Blood Seekers promised…

The most challenging MMO ever created—that’s what they said. Taglines like, “Not your granddaddy’s game,” and, “Only for the hardest of the hardcore,” had gamers going crazy. Set in a dark, gothic, Lovecraftian world, with fully realized A.I. NPCs, gamers were desperate to get their hands on the game and dive in, and Clay was one of them. It was going to be tough, but he was ready for it.

What he wasn’t ready for, was countless players having their minds hijacked and being transformed into hostile, zombie-like creatures filled with nothing but hate, who attack anyone on sight. They became known as the Bloodless, and now, Clay’s best friend is among them.

Rey moved across the country when they were twelve, but they kept in touch online, and when Blood Seekers was released, they were both ready to face the new challenge together. But now, Rey has been possessed by the mysterious plague, her mind held hostage with no sign of a cure.

To make things worse, Clay’s mind is plagued by visions of a mysterious black monolith that has appeared at the center of the highest level zone in the game, a place no one has even come close to reaching. Some think it will provide answers—others say it will only lead to more questions:

Who is behind all of this? Why are people’s minds being taken and what will it take to bring them back? How many more people will be lost when no one is able to log out?

Nothing is certain, but if there’s any chance that reaching the monolith will bring Rey back, then Clay will do everything he can to reach it.

IMMORtAL_Kalika Episode 1 (LitRPG): The Speedrunner (Episodic Kalika)

Genre Bending LitRPG, RPG GameLit with an emphasis on its Grimdark tone, active combat, and protagonist skill building and power acquisition. Features a no-nonsense protagonist with a tragic past and a reason to want to live in a videogame, even one as gritty and dark as the demon and revenant infested Project_DH.

You've previously known of her accomplishments as the #1 player of the death game Project_DH. To many, her gameplay stats and skill have made her an enigma to the hundreds of alpha testers imprisoned in the game as well as the developers assisting them. Now, you'll get to see the player behind the infamous avatar of IMMORtAL_Kalika, a determined young woman who carries the burden of a great tragedy within her, a tragedy that gives her strength, but one that also threatens to crush her from the inside out.

IMMORtAL_Kalika Episode 1 features an Alchemist class playthrough with spellcraftes utilizing the power of man and nature in tandem.

The Glitch Fiends (LitRPG): Part 2 (Hell's Glitch Book 3)

Never fight alone again.

Sam continues his frightening descent into Fulton Milner's horrifying virtual reality role playing game. Now Sam must deal with powerful new enemies inside the dark castle of the fallen kingdom of Misseiji, a kingdom once known for magick but now known as a cursed deathtrap. Sam must improve his skills in order to traverse this deadly new area and combat its savage secret bosses. Not only that, but there's still the possibility of a Glitch Fiend attack at any moment. Sam must use all the resources at his disposal including Servant Contracts, weapon augmentations, stat upgrades, enhanced pyromancies, secret techniques, and NPC allies.

On the outside, game developer Alex looks for an opportunity to save everyone from Fulton Milner's mad experiment. Both Sam and Alex work desperately to survive with neither having the time to wonder just how they'll overcome such dangerous odds.

The Glitch Fiends is the followup to the sleeper LitRPG hit, Hell's Glitch. It stars Sam Nagai, a hapless gamer and artist who's just looking to make a buck. That's until he's sucked into Fulton Milner's vicious dark fantasy game. Now Sam will do anything to survive including evoking the darker side of his persona.

Galactic Fist of Legend: Volume 2

In a reality beset by pop-culture related parodies, can one man survive against all odds? Welcome back to the madness that is Galactic Fist of Legend!

In this latest installment of the Galactic Fist of Legend LitRPG series, Scott Davidson must contend with all manner of ridiculous shenanigans while dealing with the horrors of the underworld, fruit baskets, and the most disturbing sock puppet in history. Death awaits around every corner, and perhaps even fates worse than death...

Come gather round! Grab a comfortable scarf. Fancy a proper sock puppet. Revel in the ridiculous glory of it all...

Galactic Fist of Legend is a science-fiction and fantasy LitRPG series created as part of the core multiversal character concept known as 'Project Scott', This project features a similarly named protagonist existing in many different worlds, largely without knowledge of each other. They are the same soul reflected in different ways, and partaking in different adventures.

The Glitch Fiends (LitRPG): Part 1 (Hell's Glitch Book 2)

The virtual nightmare continues as Fulton Milner continues the dreaded life or death game known as Project DH. Milner has overhauled the systems of his death game right before opening a new area, the Stone Valley. In the Stone Valley there are vicious new enemies to face and a myriad of mysteries to uncover, but a new development has put game creator and player alike on edge, for something unnatural seems to have infiltrated Heimfall and brought a little hell into Milner's nightmarish game world.

Sam must fight his way through the valley and beyond if he ever wants to see his family again. Will his desire to survive lead him to his highly coveted freedom?

Hell’s Glitch

In the novel, the main character is a video game tester that loves dark and difficult games. Boy does he get what he’s looking for. The combat in the VR game is brutal, difficult, and more dependent on skill and tactics than stats. The game mechanics are very familiar replacing XP with souls.

If you like the Dark Souls video games you’ll probably like this novel. Also, turns out there is a series of comics based on the Dark Souls franchise you can read after you’re done with this.