The Glitch Fiends (LitRPG): Part 1 (Hell's Glitch Book 2)

The virtual nightmare continues as Fulton Milner continues the dreaded life or death game known as Project DH. Milner has overhauled the systems of his death game right before opening a new area, the Stone Valley. In the Stone Valley there are vicious new enemies to face and a myriad of mysteries to uncover, but a new development has put game creator and player alike on edge, for something unnatural seems to have infiltrated Heimfall and brought a little hell into Milner's nightmarish game world.

Sam must fight his way through the valley and beyond if he ever wants to see his family again. Will his desire to survive lead him to his highly coveted freedom?


My Opinion: 313, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Sam continues his journey through the dark fantasy full immersion game known as Project DH. Only now there is a game patch that makes things more realistic and difficult. Not only that but a mysterious glitch in the system is spawning some almost unbeatable monsters.

  • Good story, still based on game Dark Souls, now with this update to the game more realism is brought to the game. Action oriented story that makes combat rather difficult. With a die in the game die in real life aspect. There are more secrets to be revealed about the game.

  • The game seems to be changing all on its own, creating monsters that seem to be cheating the system, glitch fiends.

  • If you like Dark Souls, you’ll like this, 7 out of 10.

  • The Glitch Fiends (LitRPG): Part 1 (Hell's Glitch Book 2)