Soul Linked: Origin: A LitRPG Epic

Elle Kirkland wakes up to find herself trapped in a strange new world alongside a hundred-thousand others, with no memory of how she got there. Dumped into an isolated valley with few resources at their disposal, the newcomers must quickly find a way to survive this harsh new reality that mimics so many games they have played before.

But survival is not the only thing that will confront them. The world they have come to is old, with a long history. All manner of dark secrets may be hidden away, waiting to be discovered...


My Opinion: 443 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

From the author of the A World at War series is a fantasy LitRPG novel.

100,000 people from earth are transported to a RPG world created by a maniacal god who thinks he’s a great DM. They’re dropped into a lush valley with limited resources. When the amount of food available starts to dwindle they must move out of the valley into the more dangerous world of risk starvation. 12 people who’ve done most of the monster fighting go out to scout for a new place to everyone to live.

Survival aspects, big game mechanic is “Soul Link” which gives bonuses to stats but also shares damage between two people linked.

  • Bit of a slow start but it gets more action oriented about the 35% mark when the 12 primary fighters go scout out the mountain looking for a way through and a place to build a new settlement and end up on a quest defeat a horde of goblins.

  • Hints at a more complex crafting system. Start with stone crafting but lack resources for any metal working or complex crafting.

  • Would have liked to get more information about the game system in the world. Some 50 skills but we only get the titles for a handful and with the exception of a few special abilities for a couple people, there are never any real descriptions of most of them.

  • Hints at not everything in the world being as presented by the god-like being that brought them all there. Possibly other powers that exist or existed in the world.

  • Went on a little too long. There’s a big fantastic battle that’s the climax of the story then another 100 pages and another smaller less impressive battles.  There’s nothing wrong the last 25% of the story but after the climax, I kind of want to cuddle or take a nap.

  • Felt like that last 100

  • pages could have been the beginning of the next book.

  • Next story

    • I hope to get a better understanding of all the game mechanics in the world and a better insight into the larger social structures that exist.

    • 100,000 people anywhere are going to create their own groups and clicks.

    • Will classes of people develop: Warriors, Crafters, Farmers, Laborers, Hunters.

    • How will they deal with the division of resources and distribution of labor?

  • Gets a 7 out of 10.

  • Soul Linked: Origin: A LitRPG Epic