Never knew what hit him! (I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy! Book 2)

Reincarnated as a Godlike Dungeon Lord, Illsyore was forced to live as the Fellyore Magic Academy’s janitor and repairman.

He tried his best to adapt to his new life, but his past life memories and dungeon instincts could not be tamed so easily. His desire to grow more powerful and build ridiculous dungeons kept growing with each passing moment. This gave rise to unexpected situations and attracted dangerous enemies.

Now, the young Dungeon Lord must do everything in his power to protect those he cares about.

Dungeon building and leveling up had just become Illsyore’s number one priority.

My Opinion: 365 pages, $3.99, Not available on Kindle Unlimited

I enjoyed reading book 1 in this series. It wasn’t amazing but was a nice change from serious adventure stories. Sure it was a little Ecchi but that’s ok. Book 2 has everything I enjoyed about book 1 and adds a bit of plot.

  • The story revolves around the Illsyore the Dungeon Core making his dungeons/labyrinths and dealing with the coming of Dankyun (Evil Guy) who is both an enemy of Nanya (Cat Lady) and Ayuseya (Dragon Lady), who the accidently on purpose married.

  • The dungeons created are interesting and rather devious in their complexity sometimes.

  • The dungeon core continues to level up and get even more overpowered but he needs to if he’s going to face off with Dankyun (Evil Guy).

  • Story still meanders a bit and has harmish themes but is as funny as the first book.

Score 6 out of 10

Never knew what hit him! (I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy! Book 2)