Back in the Game (Dream State Saga Book 2)

Back in the game is the sequel to Stuck in the Game, a LitRPG adventure.

Noah has survived his time trapped in the virtual reality of the Dream State game and his body is on the road to recovery. His mind, however, cannot put the past behind him, knowing the company that ruined his life has escaped justice. With the evidence he needs to convict them held on a Transfer Orb hidden in the Dream State, Noah returns to help his friends reclaim it. However, someone has already beaten him to the punch.

FranktheTank is a newbie. When he happens across the Transfer Orb, he sees it as a big payday, something to boost his skills to the next level. As he tries to sell it off to the highest bidder, he begins to realize that something more than his avatar’s status is at stake.

In order to push the evidence to the public, Noah and his allies race to find Frank before Wona does. Empowered by new weapons and magic, Noah and his friends fight through dungeons, monsters, and dragon nests, though only Noah knows what lengths Wona will resort to in order to keep its good name clean and its dark past a secret.

Can Noah fight the pull of the game to protect Wona’s victims?


My Opinion: 217 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

If you like the first book in the series, Stuck in the Game, you’ll like this one. The story jumps right into the dream game world after a very brief explanation about what happened at the end of the last book and up to the moment the main character is broken out of a mental institute.

  • The main character upgrades his abilities a bit as he and his friends hunt down the orb that has all the video files that can prove that the game creators are bad people and hopefully get them arrested.

  • The biggest improvement over book 1 is how quick the story gets into the game world. Even through the beginning of the story feels like an extension of book 1, it quickly becomes its own entity. New weapons and lands are revealed some with a steampunk or gunpowder themes.

  • There are some pretty decent plot twists that will be controversial to some people but they definitely bump the story above book 1.

  • 7 out of 10.

  • Back in the Game (Dream State Saga Book 2)