Ascend Online

In the year 2047, the world is struggling to find balance as the greatest economic boom of Mankind’s history comes to a close.

Enter Marcus, a twenty nine year old game designer and MMORPG addict who has made his living all through video games. When he and his friends hear of an upcoming game that promises the chance to live an entirely new life, they all jump at the opportunity.

My Opinion: A wonderful new LitRPG serial that I check in on daily. While the story focuses on a village where the main character and his friends’ adventure together, the author also fleshes out the larger world and hints at grand schemes in play. Additionally, I enjoyed the village building and crafting aspects of the story. It adds a nice change of pace and grounds the players in this world and gives them something to care about besides looting monsters.

Update: Ascend Online has gone from an online only story to a top ten finalist of the Nerdist Inkshare-Video Game Story contest, and is now finally available on Amazon. I had to stop reading the online version so that I wouldn’t ruin the final polished story and now I can finally see what happens to my friends..errr..I mean the main characters.

Score: 8 out of 10

Ascend Online