Troy Warwick has a fairly good life thanks to the support of his family and his closest friend, Dana. He lives with no regrets, except one. Why did he treat his ex-girlfriend so poorly? As Troy delves into a fun new game with his nephews, a mystery unfolds in the virtual realm, a mystery that involves his ex.

Join Troy in the virtual game, Psy-Hunters, a game world where the power of the mind trumps all.

Ueden-Ter is a world on the brink of extinction. A powerful race of mechanized behemoths, known only as Overlords, have forever changed the future of the human race. A new race of genetically altered humans have joined together, led by the powerful Psychics. Psychics, Beasts, Cyborgs, Androids, and Humans alike all band together under the banner of the Psychic Hunters' Association or the Military Police Faction to protect Ueden-Ter from the tyranny of the Overlords. Will their combined might be enough to push back the threat of extinction?

Join the battle in the virtual role playing game Psy-Hunters.

My Opinion:  333 pages. $0.99 to buy right now, also on Kindle Unlimited. A great value for a pretty decent read. Most LitRPG is either fantasy with swords and magic or sci-fi with shooty lasers and starships. Psy-Hunters is somewhere in between. There are cyborgs and androids with guns but also psychic that can use telekinesis and pyrokinesis.

The action and adventure are well described even if the enemies the main characters fight get a little repetitive. I was initially concerned that the characters would feel a little hollow and juvenile because of the “for ages 10 and up” tag on it. However, my worries were without merit. In addition to the great action, there is a mature mystery surrounding the death of the main characters former girlfriend. While most of the world seems to accept that she killed herself, Warwick suspects foul play. The addition of this subplot allows the author to talk about the effects such a tragedy have on those left behind, survivor's guilt, and other emotional responses.

Overall, the story felt like a stab at bringing something new to the LitRPG genre and I enjoyed the effort.

Score: 6 out of 10